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Answered Questions (1 through 31)

Answered QuestionsNameDate
Is "Sass" a natural form of MDMA (or MDA)? Indigo22 Jul 20 2022
Myth Debunking: Is adrenochrome harvested from children? Ben Feb 1 2021
Is 2C-B a research chemical? Love3 Jan 11 2017
Was Orange Sunshine actually ALD-52? zXurgan Mar 14 2016
Is LSD available in 2014 on the black market? Ronson Feb 27 2014
Who decides the "abuse liability" of a drug that the government is considerin... ims Jan 13 2014
Do audio recordings from the Good Friday experiment exist? T. Washington Aug 14 2013
What drug is the "M" that is going around Toronto, Canada? Ody Feb 21 2013
What does 'parachuting' a drug mean? anonymous Aug 8 2012
Does naloxone come in tablets, for use in case of an OD? AC Jan 18 2012
What should I know about taking ecstasy? Lydia Aug 17 2011
What are the differences between AMT and AMT methanesulfonate? Market Troll Aug 5 2011
What is the most readily available non-polar solvent? Anonymous Jun 28 2011
Is there such a thing as "liquid molly" which is pure MDMA? emily avery Apr 7 2011
Can LSD be brewed into beer? Ben Mar 20 2011
Are S. divinorum-infused alcohol or tea orally active? Anonymous Mar 3 2011
What sort of grasses contain DMT? Dephect Feb 24 2011
Is coca-leaf tea legal? john Feb 17 2011
What does a growing marijuana plant smell like? bam Feb 4 2011
Is it a problem to take MDMA 36 hours before general anesthesia? Venarian Feb 2 2011
Does Bufo alvarius venom contain DMT? Anonymous Feb 2 2011
Is acetone a reasonable solvent for herbal products? Seabiscuit Jan 31 2011
Can freebase cocaine be converted back to powder? bill Jan 12 2011
Can hydrochloric acid be used to make Marquis reagent? BC Jan 8 2011
Is it possible to synthesize GHB using potassium bicarbonate? biddyboy Dec 15 2010
Does guaifenesin affect fertility? Jill Dec 8 2010
How long do pupils stay dilated after heroin use? Anonymous Dec 8 2010
Can Ritalin cause a false-positive for methamphetamine? kat Sep 24 2010
Is DMT produced in the human brain? aaron Sep 2 2010
What is this "MDMA powder" I bought in a smartshop? EricB Aug 9 2010
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