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Answered QuestionsNameDate
Is DMT produced in the human brain? aaron Sep 2 2010
Is St. John's wort a MAOI? brian_addict Jan 7 2010
What is the difference between ephedra and ephedrine? nascarmedc Feb 26 2009
Is it possible to take a serotonin pill to increase your brain's amount of se... Matt Jun 25 2005
Is the buzz from absinthe different from plain liquor? Q. Mar 22 2005
Will Mirtazapine taken regularly reduce the effects of hallucinogens? Trasig Feb 10 2004
What is "Zombinol" and what are its actions? allinyourhead Nov 12 2002
What is "serotonin syndrome"? SciBoy Nov 7 2002
What are the actions of Bromazepam? Mário Henrique R. Bernardes, researcher Oct 15 2002
Can a protein ever cross the blood-brain barrier? brdrline Oct 15 2002
What is the difference between Wellbutrin and Bupropion? steve Aug 1 2002
What class of drugs do inhalants fall in? Are all inhalants nitrites? david Jul 16 2002
Can too much sugar in a non-diabetic person induce a coma? hippydude Jul 16 2002
Why do drugs that become charged in the acidic environment of the stomach abs... Wildflower Jul 16 2002
How much Ephedrine is in the Ephedra plant? psycho0 Jul 16 2002
How long does it take to pass out breathing pure nitrous oxide? steven f Jun 27 2002
Can MAO create illicit chemicals in my body? anon Apr 16 2002
How does THC interact with the brain? Mike Feb 28 2002
Can beta-endorphin be made transgenically and be taken recreationally? brdrline Feb 28 2002
Can DMSO be used to transport drugs, particularly DMT, into the bloodstream? capxrula Nov 30 2001
Does time of the day make a difference in the effects of psychoactives? Kzar Nov 8 2001
What's the difference between an opiate agonist and an opiate antagonist? The Conqueror Worm Nov 6 2001
Is there a psychedelic produced naturally by the brain? Frank Sarosy Nov 6 2001
What are the percentages of 5-MeO-DMT in Diplopterys cabrerana. Relm Oct 30 2001
What are good books on the neuro-chemical activity of drugs? pepsi Aug 1 2001
Is there enough active chemical in Belladonna pellets to cause visions? Market Troll Jul 31 2001
Does grapefruit juice potentiate any drugs? Jane May 14 2001
Will rats really keep taking cocaine til they die? anonymous Mar 20 2001
What is the principal mode of action of amphetamines? HRHJeffII Mar 14 2001
'What causes tolerance to drugs?' James White Jan 8 2001
'How does LSD work?' Ford Perfect Jan 7 2001
'Can you please tell me which organs metabolize the drugs MDMA, GHB, Methamph... KenNY Oct 24 2000

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