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Answered QuestionsNameDate
What solvent is best for 2C-T-7? dingodawg Mar 20 2001
I'm still having effects 9 days after I took 2C-T-7, what can I do? DXMdog Feb 27 2001
How harmful is 2C-T-7 compared to LSD? Should I Feb 22 2001
Can you tell me about any deaths from research chemicals? vicodan Feb 8 2001
'How would 2C-T-7 affect someone with diabetes?' Byron Jones Feb 8 2001
'What does the slang term 'Beautiful' refer to?' jreno Jan 29 2001
'Have any studies been done on 2C-T-7 neurotoxicity?' NoLTiC Jan 7 2001
How long can MDMA & 2C-T-7 be stored? What's the best storage method? Walfgong Jan 5 2001
'Is 2C-T-7 illegal in Holland? and What's in Herbal Ecstasy?' Rf Nov 27 2000
'What is in "Blue Mystic" pills sold in Holland?' RF Nov 25 2000

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