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Answered QuestionsNameDate
What is "Pervitin"? Anonymous Mar 20 2002
What is "Methedrine" Anonymous Mar 20 2002
Are amphetamine, "meth", Adderall, and Ritalin all the same thing? nicleee Oct 29 2001
'How much Methampetamine is generally used by a 120 lb person?' CTTina Jan 8 2001
'What is glass?' sweepstakes Jan 8 2001
'Can you please tell me which organs metabolize the drugs MDMA, GHB, Methamph... KenNY Oct 24 2000
'What is the generic name for Desoxyn, and what does it contain?' Mary Apr 14 2000
What are the dangers of 'chalk'? Sean Apr 10 2000
Is 'yaba' the same as 'methamphetamine', and where can we find more informati... Badgemen Feb 28 2000
'Is 'shabu-shabu' the same as methamphetamine, and where I find additional in... IDiGWeeD Feb 26 2000

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