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Is 'yaba' the same as 'methamphetamine', and where can we find more information about it?
Q: Recently, it appears that Yaba has begun to make its presence felt here in Australia, or more specifically in Perth, Western Australia. We are, quite simply, a bunch of mates who tend to attempt to keep educated about such social phenomema and this evening our topic of conversation turned to Yaba. Some of us knew something about it, but none of us had anything much in-depth to offer, so I thought I'd check your site for info. I did a search, and pissed about for awhile, but was only able to find the article from the Observer about the subject.

Basically, I was wondering whether you had anything further to add to the subject. There is debate amongst the group as to whether one report from one source can be trusted to provide properly researched details. We would be grateful if you could provide us with further details.

A: Our understanding is that 'yaba' (ya-ba, ya ba) is synonymous with methamphetamine, and is a term used primarily in South-East Asia for methamphetamine sold in tablet form. Supposedly "ya ba" means "crazy drug" in Thai.

There has been some debate about whether methamphetamine is commonly combined with other substances in these tablets. General conclusions appear to be that methamphetamine is the primary and often only chemical present, but that occasionally other substances such as caffeine may be included as well. Reports also indicate that yaba tablets may sometimes be flavored with flavors such as strawberry.

If you search any of the following pages for the term 'yaba', you'll see support for its identification as methamphetamine.

More information can be found at :

You can also get back some good results if you do a basic search through one of the major search engines for the combination 'ya ba' and 'methamphetamine'. Hope this helps.

Asked By : Badgemen
Answered By : fire
Published Date : 2 / 28 / 2000
Last Edited Date : 11 / 6 / 2002
Question ID : 129

Categories: [ Methamphetamine ]

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