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How much Methampetamine is generally used by a 120 lb person?
Q: I am wondering what a reasonable dosage of Methamphetamine is for a 120 lb female in good health who generally has strong reactions to drugs, particularly stimulants. This person has never taken any form of speed, but uses Ecstasy (MDMA) and Cannabis frequently and has tried Ketamine and Cocaine on several occasions.

A: The problem with Methamphetamine is that it is an illegal drug. As there are no quality controls on the black market, the purity of batches can vary greatly. This makes it impossible to know how much you are taking. Many users of the drug snort small "bumps" (small piles about the size of a match head) off the tips of keys or pen caps until they reach the desired level. It is generally wise to allow 5-15 minutes between bumps for the effect to develop.

The prescription drugs Dexedrine and Adderal contain the closely related drugs dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. Since these come in known dosage pills, it is considerably easier to measure an accurate dose orally, making it far safer than snorting black market meth.

Be advised that these drugs can all be extremely habit forming: if used regularly, it can very difficult to stop. Prolonged use can also lead to serious physical and mental health problems.

Asked By : CTTina
Answered By : murple
Published Date : 1 / 8 / 2001
Last Edited Date : 1 / 8 / 2001
Question ID : 1291

Categories: [ Methamphetamine ] [ Amphetamines ] [ Dosage ]

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