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Answered QuestionsNameDate
Can synthetic mescaline be more potent than naturally produced mescaline? Anonymous Apr 29 2002
Does Mescaline come in either microdots or liquid form? Kyuketsuki Apr 28 2002
Does the "mescal bean" contain mescaline? hank Nov 12 2001
Is Trichocereus scopulicolis psychoactive? belly Sep 6 2001
Does the cactus/succulent Matucana madisonorium contain mescaline? Jaymun Jul 26 2001
Can mescaline kill? Confused Mar 8 2001
'Does peyote contain poisonous alkaloids?' Rabbi Ariel Feb 19 2001
'Are mescaline and PCP the same thing?' speedy Feb 6 2001
'How do LSD and mescaline compare?' San Pedro Jan 7 2001
'Can taking MDMA before a psychedelic cause the visuals to be muted?' Ciladis Apr 11 2000
'What medications can be used to prevent the nausea caused by many entheogens?' DBJR Apr 9 2000
'How long is mescaline detectable by a drug test?' Herb... Mar 7 2000
How do preparation methods and dosages differ for T. peruvianus and T. pachan... Soul Jan 12 2000
'Can they detect Alcohol and Mescaline with a urine test?' cactusjoe Dec 8 1999
Can Mescaline come in a small pill, or is it LSD? Erowid May 19 1999

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