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Does Mescaline come in either microdots or liquid form?
Q: A few days ago i came in contact with a pill that my dealer told me was mescaline. He referred to them as "micro-dots" and they had a small "i" on the pill. I was very happy because I have always wanted to try mescaline and this was my big chance. My friends and i tried one pill each and have a very good time. a few days later I tried 2.5 pills and another friends of mine took 1.5 pills. We had a blast.

My question is this: a lot of people I talk to talk about mescaline in liquid form. Most havent even heard of it in pill form. I wanted to know if this was "freebase mescaline" you talk about in the dosage section with the "acid-base-solvent" extraction method. Or would this most likely be mescaline hydrochloride/mescaline sulfate. I know you don't know for sure, but I wondered if freebase mescaline was usually in a pill and the acid extractions in liquid form?

A: Microdots (very small tablets) are often sold as mescaline, but are almost universally NOT mescaline. Microdots are almost always LSD. We have a new article up about this at:

Comparing the size tablet you saw with the images on the above page might help.

Additionally, I've never heard of mescaline in liquid form. Neither mescaline freebase nor mescaline sulfate themselves are liquid.
Mescaline is a powder/crystal. As a pure compound it is most often seen in large capsules or simply as loose powder. Obviously almost any substance can be made into liquid form by mixing it with a liquid. Sometimes people do this with powdered substances in order to make them easier to measure, but this is more common with substances which have very low doses (making them harder to accurately measure in powder form).

As far as extractions from cactus material, yes, it isn't uncommon for rough extractions of mecaline containing cactus to end with a somewhat liquidy product, but these would be slimy green goop. Performing a complete extraction to mescaline would result in powder/crystal mescaline as described above.

Pure mescaline is relatively rare on the street. Very few if any tablets have been found to contain mescaline, despite frequent marketing as such. It's a good guess that MOST material sold on the street as mescaline is something else. Not sure how much this helps, but hopefully some.



Asked By : Kyuketsuki
Answered By : fire
Published Date : 4 / 28 / 2002
Last Edited Date : 4 / 28 / 2002
Question ID : 2959

Categories: [ Chemical ID ] [ Mescaline ]

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