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How do preparation methods and dosages differ for T. peruvianus and T. pachanoi (San Pedro)?
Q: hello Erowid,

Once again your vast knowledge is required:

The species Trichonocereus peruvianus seems to be physiologically very different than its "cousin" San Pedro. There are many accounts of San Pedro extraction but none for Trichonocereus peruvianus. Like I said, they seem physiologically different; so, are the different skin layers in San Pedro similar to T. peruvianus? Even if that were the case, a method of traditionnal/natural extraction (and even dosage) for this species would be greatly appreciated.

thanx a lot. peace.

A: It's possible you have an unusually formed variety of peruvianus. Usually, T. pachanoi (San Pedro) and T. peruvianus are structurally very similar. They are somewhat difficult to tell apart if you see them sitting side by side. The concentration of alkaloids in different layers and therefore the method of preparation is identical for both.

As I'm sure you know the concentration of active alkaloids (mescaline) in any species varies greatly from specimen to specimen. But in general, it is thought that T. peruvianus has perhaps an average of 2-4x the mescaline content of common T. pachanoi (San Pedro), and just slightly higher concentrations than the most potent San Pedro specimens. Unfortunately, there is only a small amount of testing data available, too little to verify this common wisdom (see "A Look at the Mescaline Content of T. peruvianus and T. pachanoi" for more information).

A well-known rule of thumb for San Pedro dosages is a piece the length of your forearm (of 3-4 inches in diameter). That comes out to about a foot of average potency material and perhaps 18" of a weak variety and less than a foot if you have a particularly strong specimen. Translate this for the potency difference of T. peruvianus and it looks like the equivalent would be about 6-12" of 3-4" diameter plant.



Asked By : Soul
Answered By : fire
Published Date : 1 / 12 / 2000
Last Edited Date : 6 / 6 / 2007
Question ID : 97

Categories: [ Cacti ] [ Mescaline ]

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