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Drug Testing

Answered QuestionsNameDate
What drug is the "M" that is going around Toronto, Canada? Ody Feb 21 2013
Can Ritalin cause a false-positive for methamphetamine? kat Sep 24 2010
Can cocaine purity be tested by heating a sample on foil? Erica Nov 1 2009
How could I fail 2 out of 3 drug tests if I don't smoke cannabis? Job Hunter Jun 17 2009
Does Ecstasy ever contain PCP? lepre Apr 28 2009
What is "lithium level" testing? Do these tests detect other drugs? Ann Jul 20 2005
Can EcstasyData testing results be fixed/faked? marina Sep 4 2004
Does anyone test for and publish the content of street drugs? alan brovar, md Mar 20 2003
Is Oxycodone detected with a standard Opiate drug test? JustWondering Oct 15 2002
What is the detection period for Detect Now aerosol Cannabis tests? Cause4Concern27 Sep 15 2002
Can Tramadol cause a positive on a urinalysis? tox Nov 8 2001
Can taking Adderall show up on a drug test? Jeff Nov 7 2001
What is the half life of MDMA? carl Nov 5 2001
How long can PCP be detected by a drug test? slick Jul 27 2001
Do painkillers show up on drug tests? 123weed Jul 23 2001
If a woman is on her period, will it alter cocaine detection times? Anonymous Jul 17 2001
What is the blue-color change test used to detect cocaine by cops and border ... anonymous Jun 13 2001
Is Niacin useful for drug tests? Pete Mar 7 2001
'How do quick-flush drink products help with drug tests?' jy Jan 29 2001
'How much cocaine is detectable by a drug test?' sleepygirl Jan 21 2001
'How long do most drugs stay in your system?' Woody Oct 10 2000
'Can a spinal tap detect past drug use?' wfc Sep 30 2000
'Does LSD use show up in a spinal tap?' lsd Apr 17 2000
'Does ghb show up in drug test as thc, morphine, or cocaine?' skam Mar 8 2000
'How long is mescaline detectable by a drug test?' Herb... Mar 7 2000
'Do amoxicillin or tonic water really cause a false positive in a cocaine test?' wondering Jan 17 2000
'Can they detect Alcohol and Mescaline with a urine test?' cactusjoe Dec 8 1999
'Will I pass a urine test 18 days after using cocaine?' paul Nov 12 1999
'Can LSD show up as anything else on a drug test?' James Sep 22 1999
'Can LSD be detected by a standard drug test? If so, how for how long?' Z Aug 26 1999
'How are 'Dextrum' and 'DXM' related, and will it show up on a drug test?' Dana Jul 14 1999
'How do I pass a hair test if I've smoked cannabis recently?' Mekkah37 Jul 14 1999
'Does Salvia use show up on drug tests?' bht Jun 21 1999
'Does mushroom use show up in a drug test?' Ruben Jun 6 1999
'How long after use can Cocaine be detected by a urine test?' BillyBob Jun 2 1999

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