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Q: If a women is on her period, will it alter the detection time of cocaine in her urine? In other words, does blood in the urine alter the test and if so for how long?

A: We are unaware of any significant changes in detection time based on whether a woman is having her period. The hormonal fluctuations of a woman's cycle could have a minor affect on how her body metabolizes a drug, but whether or not she is bleeding is mostly irrelevant for the purpose of a drug test. Women are usually asked to wipe with a cleansing towelette beforehand, to ensure a "clean catch" -- so a sample of urine is uncontaminated. Blood in the urine itself is not going to alter the test.

Asked By : Anonymous
Answered By : sophie
Published Date : 7 / 17 / 2001
Last Edited Date : 7 / 17 / 2001
Question ID : 2756

Categories: [ Drug Testing ]

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