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Erowid Announcement #87
Feb 12, 2008
Friends of Erowid,

As promised, here is the second half of the recent updates to from the last two months.

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  1. Psilocybin, Science, and Sacrament: A Look at the Research of and
    Response to the Johns Hopkins Study on Psilocybin and Mysticism

    A deeper look at the historical context for the recent research into psilocybin's effects on healthy volunteers including methodological and theoretical issues and the reception of the story by the media. (From Erowid Extracts #11)

  2. Photo Geekery: The Art of Photographing Psychoactives

    An article from Erowid Extracts #11 about the process of photographing psychoactives, from the information they can provide to the aesthetics involved. This online version includes color images.

  3. Shulgin Lab Book #1

    The first of Alexander Shulgin's lab books has been scanned and put online. His lab books contain detailed experience reports as well as notes on chemical processes, formulas, sketches, and hand-drawn graphs.

  4. MDMA Trick Tract

    This parody of "Chick Tracts" lays out a brief history of MDMA in illustrations with captions.

  5. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Graduate School

    Report by Erowid crew member Lux about his first six months working with Erowid. (From Erowid Extracts #12)

  6. 1980s MDMA Flyer

    This single-page flyer, titled simply "MDMA: General Information", was written by Ann Shulgin in the mid-1980s and circulated among people trying MDMA for the first time.

  7. Absinthe Basics

    A summary of basic information about this thujone containing liquor.

  8. Absinthe in the United States?

    An overview of Absinthe's legal status in the U.S. (From Erowid Extracts #13 - the current issue!).

  9. Amanita Basics

    A summary of the basic information about the psychoactive Amanita muscaria and Amanita pantherina mushrooms.

  10. Amanita Timeline

    Significant dates in the history of psychoactive Amanitas.

  11. Heroin Basics

    A summary of the basic information about heroin, the semi-synthetic opiate derived from morphine.

  12. Khat Basics

    A summary of basic information about Catha edulis (khat), the stimulant containing shrub.

  13. Khat Timeline

    Significant dates in the history of Catha edulis (khat).

  14. Datura Basics

    A summary of basic information about the tropane containing Datura plants.

  15. Hypocretin Vault

    A new vault with basic information and links about hypocretin.

  16. Venlafaxine and Drug Testing

    Information about Venlafaxine (Effexor) and drug tests, including that it can cause a positive test for PCP on some drug tests.

  17. Oxycodone Dose Vault

    Oral and insufflated doses as compiled from experience reports and clinical data.

  18. The Transition to Amphetamine Abuse

    This is a chapter from the book Uppers, Downers, and All Arounders, by Stephen Pittel and Ricardo Hofer.

  19. [...] The MMPI as a Predictive Instrument in Methadone Maintenance

    A 1972 article about Methadone Maintenance from the Fourth National Conference on Methadone Treatment.

  20. Erowid Extracts #13 - November 2007

    The table of contents of the current issue of Erowid's (hardcopy) member newsletter.

  21. 31 new images were added, including:

    Nandrolone Bottle

    Catha edulis (Qat) Leaves

    Comparison of P. cyanescens and its lookalike T. furfuracea (non-psychoactive)

  22. Ask Erowid: What is the difference between P. viridis and M. hostilis?

    An examination of ayahuasca admixture plants, particularly M. tenuiflora (=hostilis), which is mentioned in most of the "ayahuasca" experiences posted on Erowid. [from Erowid Extracts #13]

  23. Ask Erowid: Is "jenkem" for real?

    A short discussion of a supposed practice that has received much media attention despite likely being a hoax or misunderstanding.

  24. Art Vaults

    January-February Featured Artist: Steve Hatchett

  25. The Erowid Review, two reviews added:

    "DMT: The Spirit Molecule" (A Mixed Legacy), reviewed by Lux

    "Roll Away the Stone", reviewed by Rendi Case

  26. 506 New Experience Reports

    One of the top rated experiences published was:
    "Substitute for Problem Drinking" (GBL & Alcohol), by Mouldy Grapefruit

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