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Erowid Announcement #23
July 25, 2001
Hey Entheophiles,

We've been hard at work for the last month, focusing much of our energies towards upgrading our administrative and crew interfaces. Erowid is thriving, with traffic continuing to increase, and we're now faced with the fact that the two of us and our handful of dedicated crew aren't able to keep up without more help. We're working to getour system set up so more people can join us in adding data and keeping everything up-to-date.

July is almost up, and we've nearly reached our goal of having 500 members by the end of the month. If you appreciate the convenience of Erowid's freely accessible library, please visit our membership & donations page [] to learn what you can do to help keep the site growing, and what great gifts you can get for donating.

If you'd like, scroll to the end of this announcement to read some visitor feedback excerpted from our Guestbook.

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at

Fire & Sophie


  1. MBDB Vault
    Includes Basics, Images, Chemistry, Law, What is Known about MBDB, Risk Assessment, and several Journal References.

  2. Carbogen Vault
    Some of the basic info about Carbogen / Meduna's Mixture.

  3. TMA Vault
    A few of the basics about TMA and it's derivatives (TMA-2, TMA-3, TMA-4, TMA-5, and TMA-6)

  4. 2C-D Vault
    A few basics about 2C-D, including the text of a pamphlet about the use of 2C-D as a smart drug.

  5. 4-MTA Vault
    A few basics about 4-MTA.

  6. Guides & Sitters
    Added a series of new links to resources about guiding and sitting. These are primarily about guiding or sitting for psychoactive experiences, but there are a few general resources as well.

  7. Character Vaults - Jonathan Ott
    Added new character vault for Jonathan Ott...includes a great photo.

  8. Alexander Shulgin Bibliography
    There's been one version of a Shulgin bibliography floating around the net for years. It was getting significantly out of date, so we decided to make a new one including all his most recent papers.

  9. Psilocyber's Syringe Tek
    Step by step description of how a spore syringe is made. Contributed to the vaults by Sporeworks.

  10. Psilocybe azurescens Cultivation Reports
    A great collection of P. azurescens cultivation reports (with photos). Contributed to the vaults by Sporeworks.

  11. Ether Basics
    A few basics about the use of ether as a psychoactive.

  12. DMT Content Of Diplopterys cabrerana Leaves
    A summary of the current data on the DMT content of D. cabrerana leaves. Cites multiple references.

  13. DMT Content Of Psychotria Viridis Leaves
    A summary of the current data on the DMT content of P. viridis leaves. Cites multiple references.

  14. GHB Withdrawal Syndrome Overview
    A very nicely done article collecting current knowledge about GHB Addiction and Withdrawal. Created by the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

  15. Image Vault Additions

    Antique Betel Nut Cracker
    Brugmansia aurea
    Hashish #1
    Hashish #2
    Packaged Cannabis Buds
    Cannabis Pipe
    Psilocybe bohemica #1
    Psilocybe bohemica #2
    Psilocybe bohemica #3

  16. 124 New Experience Reports
    We have a crew of volunteers reviewing and posting reports as quickly as possible. Response has been outstanding and we continue to seek high quality reports, with the understanding that it takes a while to post them. Reports with stars next to them are recommended reading.

  17. 16 New Ask Erowid Answers
    A new set of answers to questions posed by site visitors. We've been slowly improving the system we have for answering questions and soon we'll be able to add more guest answerers.

  18. New Books

    A Small Journal of Heroin Addiction
    World Mythology
    Into the Void
    The Eternal Search: The Story of Man and His Drugs
    Poisons of the Past
    The Spiritual Quest


Excellent set of resources. A concise web site dealing with all aspects whether social, chemical or political. Thank you Erowid.
- - Chaz

I just wanted to stop by and praise you for your wonderfully informative site. i think it's terrific that you not only include the negative aspects of using certain substances, but also the positive. keep up the good work. and like i always say, if you're going to use any illegal substances, always be well-educated. i think you've covered all the bases.
- - Angel

Congratulations on a fantastic site. This is by far the best drug education site on the net. For a couple of months, this site was banned at my school, but its now back. Keep up the good work.
- - Mr Ruddeger

I am a professional Paramedic, a true "Street Doc" with expertise and experience in critical care. Truth be told, I do not do drugs (other than the very occasional drink of alcohol and caffeine...) nor have I in over 15 years. I do however frequently encounter many people who do. It was research into some of the "Newer" drugs (Ecstasy, GHB) that I was seeing on the street that brought me to your site... [see full text ]
- - Croaker

I'm a counselor and was looking for specific info on the relationship between chocolate and cocoa - and found it at Erowid. Erowid is a well organized and useful site. Thanks.
- - Asa

I just wanted to thank you for compiling such a complete and thorough psychoactive library. I can't tell you how many times my friends and I searched and searched only to come up with steriotypical biased information. Your site is by far the best resource we have ever found. Keep up the great work guys!
- - Tyler

I want to thank you so much for keeping up with this site and providing so much info for everyone! You have helped me tremendously with my research and have informed me and made me aware of the effects of Substance-abuse.....much appreciated!
- - Makensey

Information is almost always good. Even though I am a police officer, I must agree with several of the thought provoking items I have found on your site. I think FREEDOM is extremely vital for the survival of our nation. However, I do fear the fact that more young people are using chemicals that can easily harm them physiologically, psychologically and spiritually. I must admit I do not have all the answers but I must enforce the laws and Constitution I swore to defend. Your site is most assuredly a "two edged sword". It will certainly cut both ways. Use your information wisely. America will only survive as long as Americans are "good". When Americans cease to care about doing good, we will certainly fall. A drugged America may not be the best path toward "doing good" to each other. I believe that some will abuse this site and harm others (or themselves) with the information found here. However, in a free society, that is a risk I am willing to take and to face.
- - Sherbert


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