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Diplopterys cabrerana
DMT Contents and Dosages
by Erowid, July 2001

Common Names: chagropanga, chagrupanga, Chalipanga, oco-yage
(From Trout 1997, Ott 1996)

(see also P. viridis DMT Content)

AuthorLocation/SourceYearDMT Content (per dry leaf)
McKenna DJ, et alTarapoto "Chagro-panga"19841.7 mg/g (+/- 0.41SD)
Agurell, et al??19684.6 mg/g
Der Marderosianeastern Ecuador1968avg 14.6 (13.3-17.5 mg/g)
PoissonPeru, collected by Claudine Freiberg19656.4 mg/g

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