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Erowid Announcement #17
September 18, 2000
Hey Entheophiles,

We're happy to be back from burningman and settling in to work on the site. Hope you all had a wonderful summer. While we were gone, Erowid suffered a hard drive failure which caused us to lose a small number of addition and removal requests for the announcement list. If you requested to be removed and still receive this message, please forgive the error and send us a new remove request to

Things are going well. Our donation drive is coming to an end in a few days. While we received a good response, we failed to reach our goal of monthly pledges. If you or anyone you know are capable of and interested in making either a single time or monthly pledge we've still got a few days to try to reach our goals. Information on the donation drive can be found at

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at

fire & earth


  1. Results of Erowid's May Image Drive

    Our May Image Drive was a great success with over 200 images submitted. These are the top submissions by category. If you are the photographer of one of the winning submissions, please contact us at Thanks to everyone for sharing their images.

  2. New Basics Pages

    Preparing to bring information to Burningman this year helped prompt us to get a handful of new basics pages up. These are intended as an easy to read single page overview of each substance. These all need to go through another revision, so if you have comments or corrections, please let us know []

  3. 2C-T-2 and 2C-T-7 Usage Surveys

    We're working with Murple to help gather additional information about possible long term effects of the use of 2C-T-2 and 2C-T-7. If you have experience with either of these substances, please consider filling out a survey answering a few questions about your experience. Survey's can be submitted anonymously...results will be made public in the future.

  4. New Experience Reports

    We've been working hard to expand the experience vaults with nearly 200 new reports added in the past two weeks.

  5. Burningman Report

    We had a good time at burningman this year. We printed out over 300 documents from the site and brought a shelf full of books and spent most of our 8 days there answering questions and discussing a wide range of issues around psychoactive plants and drugs. The people who visited the Erowid dome ranged from those who had very little knowledge and many questions on the subject to PhD pharmacologists, writers in the field and extremely knowledgeable strangers.

    In general we received a lot of good feedback. Many people stopped by to say they know of the site and support what we're doing. It's great to hear from people and be able to spend some time hearing people's personal viewpoints on this complex topic.

  6. DXM & Nitrous Brand Warnings

    These two pages provide some information about the variety of brands available for DXM and Nitrous. Especially in the case of DXM containing cough syrups, there are many brands which contain other active ingredients, some of which are dangerous when taken in large quantities. We've provided some info about the other active ingredients commonly found in combination with DXM and what products contain them.

  7. PCP Vault Expansion

    A new handful of files added to the PCP vault, including an overview and a couple of journal articles.


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