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2C-B is a synthetic psychedelic that first gained popularity as a legal ecstasy replacement in the mid 1980s. It is generally considered to be somewhat 'gentler' than LSD or mushrooms, being less prone to catalyzing dissociated freak-outs or overwhelming panic attacks at normal recreational doses. 2C-B is also known for the strong body component of its effects which are alternately described as pleasurable energy or a 'sense of being in the body', and by others as an unpleasant 'buzzing' or body-load.

2C-B is still sometimes sold as "ecstasy", although this is rare because it is actively sought by many users for its unique effects. 2C-B is sometimes chosen for use in psychedelic psychotherapy because its short duration and less 'pushy' character.
A standard oral dose of 2C-B is between 10 and 40 mg. It is most frequently found in either powder or (small) pill form. Pills have commonly contained 5 mg, though this varies. 2C-B is also sometimes snorted for a shorter experience with quicker onset. Snorted doses are about 1/3 that of an oral dose and are legendarily painful. Underground market 2C-B has historically been of high quality because it has generally been sold to a relatively exclusive market of knowledgeable buyers.
Price #
2C-B is often sold at ecstasy prices at clubs & parties, from 10-30$ per 'dose' (usually 15-25 mg). Purchased in large quantities it sells for 200-500$ per gram at retail levels or 100-300$ per gram at wholesale prices. (August 2000)
2C-B is illegal to possess and sell in the United States (schedule I) and in most other countries. 2C-B was scheduled in the U.S. in 1993 and in most other countries between 1994 and 1998.
4-Bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine (2C-B) is a synthetic chemical in the phenethylamine class. It is related structurally to mescaline, DOB, and distantly to MDMA.
Pharmacology #
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Production #
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2C-B was first synthesized by Alexander Shulgin in 1974 while exploring homologues of DOB. Its psychoactivity was first discovered on June 25, 1975 by Dr. Shulgin who described it as "beautifully active". 2C-B was marketed in the late 1980s as an MDMA replacement after MDMA was scheduled in 1985. It was added to schedule I in the U.S. in 1994 and by 1999, it was illegal in most of the world.
Terminology / Slang #
The Substance:
2C-B; Nexus; Bees.
The Experience:
Tripping; To See Bees.
In the beginning stages of onset, 2C-B is likely to cause a sort of indefinable feeling similar to anticipation or anxiety. There may be a feeling of energy in the body, and the sense that things are different than usual. As the effects intensify, a wide variety of perceptual changes may occur; pupil dilation, visual patterning and movement, mental stimulation, new perspectives, feelings of insight, emotional shifts (mood lift or introspection), anxiety and confusion. Many people find that the effects of 2C-B are more subtle or manageable than those of other psychedelics, allowing the user to more easily approach baseline thinking during the experience. Unlike some other psychoactives, many people find themselves able to eat shortly after peak effects subside. Closed-eye visuals are quite common with 2C-B. Open-eye visual patterning, color-shifts, and wavering or moving vision are common for many people and are more likely at higher doses
Onset #
Depending on how much and how recently one has eaten food, oral 2C-B generally takes 45-75 minutes to take effect. On a full stomach, onset can be considerably slower.
Duration #
The primary effects of 2C-B last approximately 4-6 hours when taken orally. For many people there is an additional period of time (2-4 hrs) where it is difficult to go to sleep but where mood and mind-set are mostly back to baseline. The day-after effects of 2C-B are relatively mild, with most users reporting little to no lingering negative effects.
Visual Effects #
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Many users do not enjoy the effects of 2C-B because of its unpleasant body effects or 'body load'. Unpleasant stomach effects, gastro-intestinal distress (diarrhea, cramps & gas) are not uncommon. There are also several reports of allergic type reactions causing increased mucus production, occasionally this results in coughing as mucus gathers in the windpipe and lungs.

Other possible negative effects include anxiety and unwanted or frightening thoughts and visions. 2C-B, though significantly lesser common than with LSD, can precipitate strong, temporary changes in an individual's experience of life and reality. It can be a powerful psychoactive experience, especially at higher doses, which is significantly affected by experiences, set and setting. Recent experiences, especially strong ones, can have a substantial effect on a trip. Physically or psychologically unsettling events in the days before a trip can blossom into more serious distress and trauma while tripping. It is important to be prepared for the possibility of encountering difficult or frightening mental states. The Psychedelic Crisis FAQ addresses some of the issues involved in dealing with a difficult trip.
Contraindications #
  • Do not take 2C-B if you are currently taking an MAOI. MAOIs are most commonly found in the prescription anti-depressants Nardil (phenelzine), Parnate (tranylcypromine), Marplan (isocarboxazid), Eldepryl (l-deprenyl), and Aurorix or Manerix (moclobemide). Ayahuasca also contains MAOIs (harmine and harmaline). 2C-B and MAOIs are a potentially dangerous combination. Check with your doctor if you are not sure whether your prescription medication is an MAOI.
  • Do not operate heavy machinery. Do Not Drive.
  • If you have a seizure or convulsive disorder or heart problems, you may be at higher risk for health problems when taking 2C-B. Diabetics should monitor their blood sugar closely as there have been some reports of problems.
  • Individuals currently in the midst of emotional or psychological upheaval in their everyday lives should be careful about choosing to use psychedelics such as 2C-B as they can trigger even more difficulty.
  • Individuals with a family history of schizophrenia or early onset mental illness should be extremely careful because psychedelics have been known to trigger latent psychological and mental problems.
Addiction Potential #
2C-B is neither physically addicting nor likely to cause psychological dependance. Withdrawal effects following discontinuation have not been reported. As with most substances, some people will use it more frequently than they are comfortable with. There is a short period of tolerance after 2C-B use. Using 2C-B two days in a row is likely to lead to a diminished experience the second day, though spaced 5-7 or more days apart, this effect is nearly non-existent.
Long Term Health Problems #
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Risk of Death #
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