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Erowid Announcement #12
March 22, 2000
Hey Entheo-philes,

It's been a busy two months and it's only getting busier. We've added a ton of new info and have a series of grand plans for upcoming improvements around the site. We (earth & I) are now both working full time on this project to document and help people learn about the varied and complex relationships between humans and psychoactives.

We continue to welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at



  1. Credit Card Donations Now Accepted

    We have just gotten our credit card system set up, so donations can now be made on-line. We are still offering Erowid t-shirts as an incentive for donations over $40 and are now also offering a copy of either 'Plants of the Gods' or 'Psychedelics Encyclopedia' for donations over $75. Any support is greatly appreciated.

  2. Safe-Pik Mushroom Identification Guide

    This identification guide by John W. Allen was first published as a poster in 1978 for distribution to poison control centers and hospitals. It has also been distributed as a pack of ID cards as well as a small booklet. It contains 80 photos showing a variety of psychoactive mushroom species as well as some of the poisonous look-alikes. ID information is given for each species as well as brief comments about each photo.

  3. MDMA Research Summaries

    This page provides paragraph summaries of 9 recent studies looking into issues around MDMA memory/cognitive effects & neurotoxicity. We are hoping to continue writing and adding summaries to this page as new study results are released.

  4. MDMA Memory Studies Overview

    This is a single page overview on the current status of research into the effects of MDMA on memory and cognition. It looks at 7 recent studies and summarizes and discusses their findings.

  5. Update of MDMA References Section

    Our recent re-organization of the MDMA references section now provides the full text of 18 studies as well as a wealth related information on a total of 35 studies.

  6. MDMA, LSD, and Mushroom Basics

    These single page summaries attempt to present the fundamental information about these substances. Useful for those with little current knowledge who wish to get an overview. Also designed to be printable. Because of the nature of these pages, comments are very much appreciated. We are planning ot create basics pages for all substances over time.

  7. Psychoactive Toad Venom

    This new section gathers together a selection of information about the legendary toad licking/smoking phenonomena. Includes experience reports, methodology, and some additions to the bufotenine vault.

  8. Ketamine, PCP, & Steroid Timelines

    These three timelines were created to accompany a handful of other timelines to be distributed to secondary schools by a U.S. drug education organization as part of a packet of information accompanying a series of drug info videos.

  9. MDMA, Alcohol, Dimenhydrinate & Nitrous Health

  10. 2C-T-7 Dosage, Law, & Experiences

  11. 20 New Psychoactive Cacti images

  12. 4-Methylaminorex Vault

  13. Tons of Experience Reports


If you find Erowid a useful resource and are interested in supporting its future development, please consider donating or becoming a member.



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