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Erowid Announcement #11
January 18, 2000
Hey Entheophiles,

I hope you all had a marvelous hanukkah/solstice/christmas/new years. We took the month off as far as sending out an announcement, so this one covers everything since mid-november.

About a week ago we hit 2,000 individuals receiving this announcement message. Glad you're all interested. :)

As a community supported resource, we're still requesting donations from those who have the ability...and we still have t-shirts available as incentives for donations over $40. (

And, as always, we welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at



  1. Experience Reports

    We've been working on beefing up our experience report vaults for the last month or so. We've been paying particular attention to filling in some of the obvious holes as well as working on organizing them a little better. We've marked the entries that are new since the last announcement.

  2. "Salvinorin", by D.M. Turner

    The full text of the book "Salvinorin: The Psychedelic Essence of Salvia Divinorum" by D.M. Turner.

  3. New Substance Vaults

    MDE Vault
    MDA Vault
    2C-T-7 Vault

    The beginnings of four new substance vaults for some less common psychoactives. These include some basic information, a few experience reports, and legal information. We're looking for more information on these if you have any.

  4. Cathinone & Methcathinone Vault

    Includes the methcathinone FAQ, several experiences, and a journal article overview.

  5. New Timelines

    MDMA Timeline
    Datura Timeline
    Alcohol Timeline
    Amphetamines Timeline

    A Collection of new timelines showing some of the more important events in the histories of these substances. We're always looking for events and entries that we're missing...please feel free to submit dates you think should be added.

  6. Psilocybe Mushroom Journal References

    A good handful of new abstracts and references about psilocybe mushroom research and culture.

  7. GHB & Drug Tests

    We've been getting a lot of questions about this topic. Here's a few basic facts about whether or not GHB will show up in a drug test.

  8. New version of Tryptamine FAQ

    Updated this summer, this is a new version of the tryptamine FAQ which has been developing over the last 8 years.

  9. Santo Daime Recordings

    An additional 4 real audio recordings of Santo Daime ceremonies.


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