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Highly Recommended Not Life-Changing, but Cuddly Nox Opium 2008 Jun 21
Recommended Does Not Resemble Amphetamine Rev. MeO Adrafinil (Olmifon) 2001 Nov 02
Recommended Opium in Laos Raul Opium 2001 Jul 11
Recommended Opium in Thailand Atrain Opium 2001 Mar 27
Recommended First Pod Experience Murple Poppy Tea 2000 Jul 15
Deceptively Mild Sinnlos Opium 2007 Jul 28
A Stimulated Night Nortyy Methylphenidate (Concerta), Cannabis & Opium 2007 Jan 14
Unmistakably 'Poppyish' kosmo Opium & Alcohol 2003 May 10
Nausea, Boredom, Subtlety 37H4N AMT, Cannabis & Opium 2003 Feb 05
O Not H my body my choice Opium 2019 May 19
First Taste of the Flower the master Opium 2019 May 05
Nice Night in the Treehouse Cole Opium & Cannabis 2007 Mar 02
Pleasant and Relaxing JadeMonkey Opium 2001 Sep 23
The Best High I've Ever Had Duster Face Opium & Cannabis 2000 Sep 11
Subsonic Information Lena Opium 2000 Sep 11
Opium - Op'ed Up Packetized Opium 2000 Sep 11
A Chill, Exotic High Acid Queen Opium 2000 Sep 11
Most Interesting skunk Opium 2021 Jan 19
A Red Rock Blunt Session Hyp0stas1s Cannabis & Opium 2021 Jan 12
The Extraordinary Ordinary Sid Opium 2019 Oct 26
This Was a Buzz Kill Alex Opium & Cannabis 2018 May 23
Happiness Like Honey Warmth Stuff Opium 2016 Oct 16
Real Horrorshow Floating ¿?¥KraftWerk¥¿? Opium 2015 Nov 24
BO Suppositories A Rarity Opioflight Belladonna & Opium 2015 May 13
A Long Wait Denny Opium & Cannabis 2002 Jan 06
Oh My Lord Sammi Opium 2019 Oct 26
Nausea With Minimal Euphoria OpiumEater Opium 2019 Apr 30
Best Sleep of My Life radiovideo Opium 2019 Apr 10
Traffic Light Blimamon Absinthe & Opium 2018 Apr 14
Curiosity WarMoney Opium 2006 May 26
In the Zone Prot Opium 2001 Aug 19
All Clear G.W. Boosh Opium & Cannabis 2001 Jan 22

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