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O Not H
Citation:   my body my choice. "O Not H: An Experience with Opium (exp102774)". May 19, 2019.

  vaporized Opium (tar / resin)
Opium has interested me for about 25 years. Heroin has frightened me for just as long. I have known a few people who ended up making (what appears to me at least) a great mess of their lives, for several years, when using heroin.

So, after reading both fact and fiction about opium (including a very good story about opium houses in Bombay in the 20th Century), I was delighted to find a source. I took it with me to an old friend, who is much more experienced than me in all sorts of drugs (including heroin), but who, like me, had never tried opium, and was very interested. We messed about trying to use it, and got no real effect, probably through wasting it, and ended up using small amounts of some other drugs anyway.

Months later (and the subject of this report!) I bought some more opium, 0.25 grams and got ready to try again, in a more scientific manner.

I got my simple glass vaporiser (English english, not American english spelling :D ) that I use for hash, and rolled up a small ball of opium (about one sixth of what I had bought, I always, always start at tiny dosages with new drugs and new batches...) and dropped it in. Put an ambient mix CD - chilled House / Drum and Bass etc starting with Primal Scream's 'Higher than the Sun' (cliche, I know...) - on the stereo, had books full of middle eastern landscape photos to hand, the dimmer light on and ready to go.

The opium was medium brown colour, and smelled of, well, generic vegetation. I was surprised, maybe I thought it would be more pungent? I heated it up, and after a very long time smoke filled the glass bulb of the vapouriser. I inhaled, and held it in as much as possible. It was interesting how the opium turned into a bubbling, thick, jet black, viscous-looking mass when it was heated.

Over the next three hours or so I used progressively larger amounts of the opium. I now know (or assume) that I had been very cautious in terms of dosages, and would presumably have had more of an effect from it if I had taken fewer, larger amounts rather than lots of small amounts. Still, throughout the evening I felt warm, relaxed and gentle, the feeling I was hoping for
throughout the evening I felt warm, relaxed and gentle, the feeling I was hoping for
. I rang my old friend and we chatted, my parts of the conversation being just short phrases as I relaxed on the bed. Later we talked when I was in another room, and I was more normal sounding - I think this was more to do with the setting, rather than the dose wearing off, but who knows?

How much of all this is behaviour that I carried out because of the effects of the drug and how much is because of my expectations of what the opium would 'do to me' I have no idea. I am looking forward to trying it again, maybe in a month or two, dividing it into fewer, larger amounts though.

Over the years I have tried English and Welsh liberty cap mushrooms (not Cubensis yet), MDMA, LSD, codeine, amphetamine sulphate, cocaine, nicotine and alcohol. I'm no expert in terms of recreational drugs but no novice either.

I still have no interest in trying heroin (refined opium). Ever. I just don't think it would suit my personality.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102774
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 40
Published: May 19, 2019Views: 4,313
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Opium (63) : General (1), Alone (16)

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