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First Pod Experience
Poppy Tea
by Murple
Citation:   Murple. "First Pod Experience: An Experience with Poppy Tea (ID 2350)". Jul 15, 2000.

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3.0 g oral Poppies - Opium (dried)


I recently obtained a small amount of dried opium poppy pods (giganthemum variety). Using a coffee grinder, I ground all the pods into a powder for ease of measurement and dosage consistency. I weighed out 3 grams of powder and boiled 1 cup of water in the microwave. I dumped the powder into the water along with about 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and stirred it all together. I let it steep for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally, then strained it through a cheesecloth. The resulting tea was a dark brownish yellow, cloudy liquid with a not too appealing smell. I added a bunch of sugar, then put it it in the refrigerator to cool. Once cooled, I chugged down the brew as fast as possible. The taste was bad, but nowhere near as bad as some plant brews I've downed in my day - bitter and sour at the same time. Certainly not a hint of the lovely aroma of opium smoke!

Within an hour, I began to feel a typical opiate high, though not a particularly strong one. Once I reached the full effect, it lasted for several hours. In strength it was perhaps comparable to taking a Percocet, perhaps a little more. There was a mild hint of nausea in the very beginning, about what I would expect for the level of opiate high I was feeling. Some itchiness developed about 2 hours after drinking the tea, though this was milder than the itch I get from the synthetic opiates I've had. The high maintained about the same level for around 4 hours, then declined slowly until I went to sleep.

I was surprised at the effectiveness of poppy pods. If I were the kind who really enjoyed opiates, I'd probably find myself buying a supply. Opiates may be good for pain and coughs, but as a recreational high, I find the effects a little boring, and the itch and nausea detract from the high even further. Were I to repeat the experience with pods of the same strength, I would probably bump the dose up to at least 5 grams of material. A regular user of opiates would probably require significantly more.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2350
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 15, 2000Views: 210,701
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