Kratom (also Mitragyna speciosa) Reports - Health Benefits
Health Benefits
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Highly Recommended Detox in Three Stages Transmigraine Methadone, Kratom & Ibogaine 2010 Aug 18
Recommended The Quit Smoking Usig Kratom Story SeroZero Tobacco & Kratom 2014 Sep 17
Recommended Zapped Away Methadone Withdrawals msFancyPants Kratom 2011 Aug 22
Recommended Easy and Consistent Jonas Kratom 2007 Jun 06
Recommended Me, My Brain, Ketamine, and a Miracle K-ally Ketamine (withdrawal from Kratom/Opioids) 2005 Mar 30
Gave Me Back My Mobility Mr Clam Kratom 2016 Oct 20
For Chronic Pain Hartrench Kratom 2015 Aug 19
Goldie Locks Principle - IBS Pain opiophile Kratom (ground leaf), Sertraline, Gabapentin & Clonazepam 2015 Mar 31
Excellent Self Healing Session WanderRA Kratom (15x extract) 2011 Jan 09
How to Beat Opiate Withdrawal BreakThePain Kratom 2011 Jan 09
An Amazing Analgesic NaturalHealing Kratom 2010 Jan 28
Helped with Opiate Withdrawal BB Kratom 2006 Aug 20
Keep It Legal Teethoflions Kratom 2006 Mar 24
Most Days I Forget I Even Have Fibromyalgia M.M.W. Kratom 2017 Dec 30
Who Needs Ibogaine, When There's Kratom? Blinkenlichten Kratom for Oxycodone Withdrawal 2010 Feb 09
The True Allergy Drug RMPSergeant Kratom 2010 Jan 23
Painless Opiate Withdrawal and a New Friend Taverner Kratom 2009 Nov 02
Legitimate Alternative Engrgamer Kratom Powder 2009 Aug 28
Medicinal Benefits for Me Tiamat Kratom 2007 Mar 17
I Was a Junkie Dr. Robert Kratom 2006 Mar 15
Recovery from Addiction Zoop Kratom & Buprenorphine 2006 Feb 21
Great for Easing RX Withdrawal AnonymousPatient Kratom 2004 Dec 30
For SSRI Withdrawals Entropy Kratom 2010 Nov 21
Curing Nausea Jake Opiates, Kratom & Ginger 2006 Oct 21
Tree of Strength Noltern Kratom 2018 Apr 17
Hydrocodone Detox LuLu Kratom & Clonazepam 2018 Mar 24

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