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Curing Nausea
Opiates, Kratom & Ginger
by Jake
Citation:   Jake. "Curing Nausea: An Experience with Opiates, Kratom & Ginger (ID 56790)". Erowid.org. Oct 21, 2006. erowid.org/exp/56790

  oral Ginger (fresh)


I have used various drugs throughout my life including: Adderall, Methylphenidate, Cannabis, Benzos, LSD and my favorite by a long sea mile OPIATES! I have also been intoduced to Kratom this past year which I also really like. I've found that while taking 60-70 mgs of oxycodone daily for months I can take 4grams of 10x kratom extract the next day and still get an awesome painkiller high.

Anyway, on to the main reason I am submitting this report. Throughout the years of opiate use as most opiate users do, I would occasionally run into bouts of nausea. This can really take away from the opiate experience as one can imagine. There is however a very simple remedy - GINGER ROOT. As simple as it may sound every single time I have encountered nasuea from opiates I have simply gone to the grocery store and purchased fresh ginger for a buck or two. If using fresh ginger I simply cut off a half inch piece, peel it, cut it into sections small enough to swallow and I'm good to go. I can also buy capsules at health food stores for a few bucks. I Buy good quality (organic or wildcrafted) and take 1-1.5 grams when I take opies or kratom. This really does work for me.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56790
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 21, 2006Views: 22,796
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