Codeine (also Tylenol 3) Reports - Medical Use
Medical Use
(12 Total)

A Lucky Find Kni Codeine 2007 Mar 05
Fake Tranquility Fylhtq Codeine 2006 Mar 30
Dulled, Then Intensified Pain Anonymous Codeine & Ibuprofen 2009 Oct 06
Long-Term Use Helpful and Relatively Safe Mom and Friend Codeine 2008 Jan 05
The Quest for Pain Relief Chronic Pain Boy Barbiturates (Butalbital), Codeine & Caffeine 2007 Nov 15
Chicken Soup for the Soul Alex DeLarge Codeine 2007 Nov 08
Orgasmic Breathing Mr.Show Codeine 2007 Jun 14
For Cancer and Fun El BANDiTO Opiates & Cannabis 2007 Jun 02
I Love and Hate It Bosag Codeine 2020 Oct 26
Allergic Reaction Momo, the legendary Codeine 2007 Jun 02
Restful Nights Sleep Cranky Pajamas Codeine, Promethazine & Alcohol 2018 Aug 25
Strange/Educational Dreams Darren Codeine & Dreaming 2017 Dec 05

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