Orgasmic Breathing
Citation:   Mr.Show. "Orgasmic Breathing: An Experience with Codeine (exp18026)". Jun 14, 2007.

180 mg oral Codeine (extract)
I was prescribed generic Codeine 3's (these pills had a M in a square on one side, and a large 3 on the other) for an injury/reoccurring pain I've been dealing with. I had only consumed Codeine in the form of Tylenol 1's a couple years before. I was taking double the recommended dose and it still did virtually nothing for the pain. Needless to say I had my doubts about Codeine's recreational value.
I have used Hydrocodone recreationally before and was pleased with the effects in time.

I noticed that it took a few uses to recognize the all the effects and that each time I used Hydrocodone it seemed a little better and more enjoyable. I'm aware it's probably part of the addictive process.

NOTE: I've made a habit (no pun intended) of always waiting at least a month between recreational doses of Opiates, so I haven't built any tolerance.

One night I took a single 30 mg. I wasn't expecting it to help my chronic pain much but it did fairly well (better than Aspirin could). The next night I decided to take a recreational dose and see how it compares to Hydrocodone.

I performed a Cold Water Extraction on four 30 mg pills(with the Hydrocodone I was dissolving the crushed pills in cold water and then filtering, with the Codeine I decided to dissolve the pills in warm water first, then cool the water until it's ice cold - I'm not sure which works better, I suppose the latter). I've been mixing it for 5-10 minutes on average before pouring the mixture through coffee filters.

I proceeded to drink the ultra-bitter Water/Codeine...cringing with each gulp...not as bad as Kava Kava...I then walked around a little waiting for the that pleasant floating feeling Hydrocodone gives me...nope...not feeling I swallowed an extra 2 pills (10 minutes apart). This would bring the total amount of Codeine taken to around 180 mg.

I'm just gonna list the effects, since I wanted to keep this report somewhat short:

- Warm, comfortable, relaxed, no pain - Duh.
- Quite energetic (Opiates seem to invigorate me)
- Very talkative (Like a child)
- I felt very loving...then again maybe I was just really happy.
- Mild nausea (Very Mild, Only when standing - laying down always fixes this)
- No floating feeling/Initial rush (like I got with Hydrocodone) (Maybe I would have if I had consumed the entire dose in a Cold Water Extraction all at one time)
- Increased enjoyment in eating. LOL
(I always enjoy eating little bits of food while on Opiates)
- Virtually no Itching (Hydrocodone makes me itch - I actually enjoy it though)

- 'Orgasmic breathing'
This was an effect I didn't notice on the Hydrocodone. Taking deep breaths was very enjoyable. It's kinda hard to explain, but each deep breath I took produced this wonderful pleasant and relaxed feeling deep in my body. I just laid there watching Letterman while breathing in and out in and out. Very enjoyable. I believe it lasted for about 2 or 3 hours, I wasn't really paying attention :)

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 18026
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 14, 2007Views: 32,441
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