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Recommended Chasing the Green Fairy The Black Atlantic Wormwood, Absinthe & Various 2009 Sep 09
Recommended Magnificently Perplexed Luke DiPT, 4-AcO-DET & Absinthe 2004 Jan 06
DiMTrizzle La Fee Verte 1tokeovrtheline DMT & Absinthe 2012 Jun 12
Walking the Path of Bliss - Briefly Genshed Kava, Cannabis, Absinthe & Nitrous Oxide 2007 Jan 10
Great Synergy Taylor the Pi-Bond Absinthe & Cannabis 2006 Dec 05
And So I Swallowed the Fire Mythago MDE & Absinthe 2004 Aug 21
A Strong Recipe With Extra Kick WhistlingWishes Absinthe (with T. pachanoi) 2020 Feb 04
That I Hallucinated at All Is Remarkable volatile oil Absinthe, Hash, JWH-081 & AB-001 2016 Nov 04
Out of Phase Jack Absinthe & Cannabis 2008 Mar 02
Empathy for Frankenstein's Monster OCD Amanita muscaria & Green Fairy Mixture (Alcohol, Wormwood, Kava, Lagochilus inebrians & Cannabis) 2007 Nov 09
Pleasant Relaxation Randolph C. Absinthe & Cannabis 2004 Sep 29
Heaven in a Glass leflaneur Absinthe & Tobacco 2018 May 04
The Free Rocking Angel of Syn Red Rock, Salvia divinorum & Absinthe 2007 Jun 28
Absinthe and Schizoaffective Disorder The Schizoid Man Absinthe 2003 Jun 02
Traffic Light Blimamon Absinthe & Opium 2018 Apr 14
Body Gets Drunk While Mind Becomes Clear Hartism Alcohol, Absinthe, Cannabis & Cocaine 2007 Aug 06
Thick Soup Jon Salvia divinorum, Absinthe, H.B. Woodrose, & Hashish 2002 Aug 28

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