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DiMTrizzle La Fee Verte
DMT & Absinthe
Citation:   1tokeovrtheline. "DiMTrizzle La Fee Verte: An Experience with DMT & Absinthe (exp87967)". Jun 12, 2012.

100 mg smoked DMT (powder / crystals)
  1 glass oral Absinthe (liquid)
Even though I've had around a hundred or more trips, I rarely write up trip reports or really talk about em to anyone more than 'oh yeah last night I had some really good acid', but I figured some people would find this one interesting with all the buzz recently about DMT and all the misconceptions about absinthe going around

So a while ago I was getting into absinthe, and ordered a bunch of that czech stuff but later found the another source, and cancelled my czech order to get some Jade and Emile Pernot, but something went wrong with their system I guess cuz although I could've sworn I cancelled my czech order it arrived like a month or two later. So around this same time I was going through my first dmt extracts (about 50-100mg of white crystals, ~400mg of orange, and ~400mg of jungle) so one night I was getting the courage to go for hyperspace again (still haven't quite had that full on breakthrough) and I had a glass or two of dew and lisse absinthe (which seems to be pretty low in wormwood but high in mint, which also has thujone but purists wouldn't really consider good absinthe, though it certainly gave me that pushnpull, 'sativa of alcohol' feel) I then put 100mg of orange dmt in between some ashes in my ehle, and smoked it up, but to be honest I kinda fucked up and didn't hold in the first three hits as long as I should've.

Okay so the thing is that this experience was notably different than my tweed or other straight base dmt experiences. The room began to vibrate like normal, but, well I don't know if you have ever seen those Alex Grey paintings that are like lines of energy or whatever? I seem to remember one that was him and his wife having sex on acid or something. Anyways everything was made out of those lines, and the geometric crazy physics defying designs were even more complex than normal, made out of these lines which were 'pulsing' rainbow and rasta colors, then they formed a loose form of buddha (I'm a buddhist by the way, and have been in the neighboring 4th jhana for reference) and he communicated to me in that whole unspoken way that I've actually gotten pretty used to now and barely even noticed, but I asked him why I couldn't see him more clearly and he sorta answered that he is awareness, kindness, detachment of desire, the dhamma, etc, and it would be against his nature to show in such a decisively human form (although really he didn't say anything, rather I could understand his answer half way through my question). I talked to him some more but I don't remember most of it, and then kinda just played around in this rasta energy line world, like I remember I went into the pyramids and charlie from always sunny in philadelphia was sitting around in mountains of gold, and said a bunch of funny shit, and then I went to ancient celtic times and became a druid in a tower which I saw to be my idealized version of myself and that although it was good to respect my culture and the culture of others, ultimately I have to let go of it, then I went down into a deep cavern which was the Welsh cavern where the white and red dragon fought that Merlin had predicted when he was young (and also where the red dragon on the welsh flag comes from btw) and in this cavern in the very depths of it was a drop off where I fell off and fell and I realized I was in the cavern from the hobbit where bilbo falls down and finds the ring and talks to gollum, so anyways as soon as I realized this I turned around and felt around until I found the ring, looked back and there was gollum, so I answered his riddles but the riddles were more of buddhist questions about my own subconscious mind, and the biggest question that came up was what to do with psychopathic serial killer types that literally have little to no conscience, and as I pondered this question gollum turned into a gigantic orc, or one showed up or something (I don't know I was a little confused by it) but I realized that this scary monster was a mental representation of a part of myself (remembering the Tibetan Book of the Dead) and saw that it was the negative counterpart to the noble druid idealized part of myself, and I saw that if I have an idealized and unrealistic 'positive' view of myself, then I must by ying yang, and every every action has an equal and opposite reaction (etc etc etc that I realized long ago on other trips) and I saw that this view was in reaction to fear of psychopathic type, illogical harm, and 'evil' people who will hurt you no matter what you do, and I saw that somehow I had to take the middle path to resolve this problem, but I would also have to detach from the desire for life, thus accepting the possibility of death, and achieving rebirth to realize the fourth jhana I have been working toward, but as I tried to get more of a firm grasp on this realization, the trip ended.

So yeah I found the trip to be pretty different from previous experiences, but it was pretty awesome, although I don't really recommend it unless you have experience with both absinthe and dmt and pretty good control of your mind, because I could see it causing anxiety and kinda 'throwing you around', and of course excessive thujone can poison you, so yeah...I just wouldn't recommend it, but if you decide to go with like a nice glass of Jade, and stop there, don't try to reach the 'hallucination' type ultra absinthe drunk (by hallucination type absinthe drunk I mean more of a 'sativa' like alcohol experience, where things are more 'trippy', more of a head high, but absinthe will never make you 'trip').

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87967
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Jun 12, 2012Views: 9,791
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DMT (18), Absinthe (4) : General (1), First Times (2), Combinations (3), Entities / Beings (37), Alone (16)

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