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Infinity and the Soul Eater
H.B. Woodrose
Citation:   Anonymous. "Infinity and the Soul Eater: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp69547)". Jan 19, 2010.

T+ 0:00
10 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (extract)
  T+ 0:40 7 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)
  T+ 0:50 1 bowl smoked Tobacco (plant material)
I would like to submit this information because I feel the current information listed concerning LSA is quite limited. I hope the following can be used to make the LSA database more useful to anyone thinking about trying it. I have had experiences with cannabis, salvia, LSD, possibly Bromo-Dragonfly sold under the guise of LSD, H.B. Woodrose Seeds, and now LSA extract.

First, I will describe the process I followed to extract the LSA. I had planned to make enough extract for myself and a friend of mine that would be visiting. My friend has also experienced the same drugs as I, plus mushrooms and coke and he is about the same weight as me. I started about a week before to allow myself enough time to perform the process. Using 20 H.B. Woodrose seeds ordered from an internet site (planning to split the produced extract in half between myself and my friend), I let the seeds soak in water for a minute or two and then I began scraping the outer husk off with a nail file. Once the seeds were scraped to mostly a tan color and dried, I ground them up in a coffee grinder. The ground-up seeds were then placed in Coleman Camp Fuel in plastic cups for three days, shaking multiple times a day. Each plastic cup would only last about a day before beginning to deform and at that point the mixture would be moved to another plastic cup, each time losing a very small amount of seed chunks. The solution also began to take on a red color after being placed in a red plastic cup.

So after three days, the seed mush was filtered from the Coleman fuel via coffee filters and the fuel was discarded. After being allowed to evaporate until the next morning, the seed mush was put in solution in another plastic cup in 80-proof vodka. This was allowed to sit for three days, shaking multiple times every day. No deformations on the plastic cup formed as a result of the vodka-seeds solution. At the end of three days, the seed mush was filtered from the vodka via coffee grinders. Additional vodka was poured over the filter and seed mush two more times on that day to attempt to pull out more LSAs. The seed mush was then discarded and the brownish vodka solution kept. The brown solution was poured into a flat pan and I placed the flat pan in dark cabinet at room temperature where it sat for two days before all of the liquid had evaporated, leaving behind a gooey dark brown substance, presumably the LSA and most likely a few other impurities. The pan was the covered with plastic wrap and let sit for another two days until we were ready to ingest it.

Now I will explain the set and setting of the trip and then go into the trip’s details. My friend had arrived a few days before and we had been partying and having a good weekend. It was Saturday night and we had originally planned to take the LSA on Sunday in the morning for a day trip, but when my friend noticed I was getting tired he suggested that we take the seeds that night and then I would no longer be sleepy. I agreed and we split the LSA goo in half and each licked up our halves using our fingers. Now remember the LSA was produced from 20 seeds. I chose that because 10 seeds I figured was an average trip and so I falsely assumed the LSA produced would be enough for us both to have an average trip or less since LSA is lost during the extraction. I assumed this because the week before I had chewed 10 H.B. Woodrose seeds and the onset was about 20 minutes and the trip was very pleasant.

I also falsely assumed that the LSA extract would have the same onset timing as when the seeds are chewed. After waiting 40 minutes with no noticeable effects, I assumed that I had failed at the extraction, having never tried such a thing before and not having confidence in my chemistry skills. So we then decided to chew a backup store of H.B. Woodrose seeds which had been scraped and placed in 80-proof vodka three days before. The backup store consisted of 7 seeds each. So now in total we each had ingested 10 seeds worth of LSA extract plus 7 chewed seeds. Now I would like to revert to a timeline starting with the ingestions already described above in greater detail.

0:00 – LSA goo is ingested by me and my friend at approximately 8:00pm

0:40 – After no effects, 7 H.B. Woodrose seeds are additionally ingested by the two of us, and we head off to a hookah bar with two other friends.

0:50 – Arrival at hookah bar, atmosphere is darker than expected, not an effect of the drugs.

1:20 – Minor visuals reported by myself and my friend. I am feeling disappointment and feel that the trip is going to be very boring or almost non-existent. Visuals include light beams from all lights and auras. My friend reported bending of some objects.

1:30 – Visuals have not changed much. Seems like the two of us are talking a lot, thoughts are flowing faster. Eyes are becoming dilated.

1:40 – Friend is hanging head low and appears to be heading in a negative direction. My visuals are still quite unimpressive but my mind is still rising. I feel very strong “waves” washing over my head that are extremely intense compared to the waves I felt on only 10 chewed seeds. I tell the other friends that we need to leave immediately when I sense my friend is stressing.

1:50 – We get back to campus and walking back to the dorm room feels stressful. Four flights of stairs are climbed to get to my floor and they feel very long. Visuals are getting more intense. In the hallway, strange colors are all around and it is very bright.

1:55 – In the dorm room it is also very bright. We eat lots of Cheetos and peanuts to try to increase the mood.

2:10 - My friend stops eating and is again falling deep into a bad trip and keeps his head very low. He is speaking of his bad trip to me and my roommate. (The other friend has left). My visuals are very enjoyable as I try to comfort my friend.

2:15 – My friend feels he is going to throw-up, I tell him it is a good idea and that people always feel better after doing so. I accompany him to the floor bathroom where there are a few others around but not getting involved. He can’t throw up and we return to the room, back at the room he feels it again, but again cannot throw-up and so we head back to the room.

****My sense of time is becoming quite distorted by now****

2:25 – I suggest talking about the “good times” will bring my friend out of his bad trip and he perks up immediately and agrees. We start with a few good times but my mind keeps getting distracted by the visuals and by the thought of sleep. Whenever we stop talking about the good times for more than a few seconds, my friend immediately falls back into his bad trip and hangs his head low.

2:40 – The dorm room is really getting to my friend. He is experiencing many negative things like: he feels my bed is trying to eat him, he keeps going under it subconsciously and one time under it he feels like it is a coffin. He wants to go outside into nature to calm down and try to throw-up there.

2:45 - I take him outside to a secluded wooded area not too far from my dorm (my dorm is still in view about 100 yards away). We sit in the dirt among the trees in a dark area. My friend says that it is helping to calm him down. He tries to throw-up but still cannot.

2:50 – My visuals are extremely intense. More intense than any visuals I have ever had before, including visuals from 2 gel tabs of LSD. My friend later says that his visuals and thoughts are also more intense than ever before, including a time when he ate 30 liberty caps. My visuals are: light appears to be shooting all throughout the dark woods, the weeds and plants all around me look like an oil painting and appear to be vibrating extremely fast.

3:00 – My friend says that he is getting cold and nature is no longer helping him, so we head back to the dorm. My friend makes me promise to him that I am real. He believes that he is a figment of someone else’s dream and that when that person wakes up he will disappear from existence.

3:05 – My dorm room is brighter than ever. We try talking about the good times again. My mind is racing faster than ever and I am still contemplating sleep. My friend picks up a guitar “with his mind” and moves it around in his hand. The ceiling of my dorm is moving and separating into many colors very quickly, I am still enjoying these visuals.

3:15 - My roommate begins falling asleep (he is exhausted from very little sleep the night before as am I). I am beginning to fall sleep on the floor. My friend notices my eyes “roll back” into my head and is freaking out. My friend pleads me to stay awake and I begin speaking very strangely slow, almost like a robot, telling him that I can’t stay awake.

3:25 – My friend begins typing frantically on my computer. I move onto my bed and I hear him typing it seems like at lightning speed, I assumed he could only be typing gibberish like: “adhkhsdfjl.”

****The following time frame is extremely distorted, because I am not sure how long I fell asleep for and during this part, the experience felt like an eternity, I can’t even give an estimation****

4:00+ – I am suddenly awake but my eyes are closed and I am trying to fall asleep again. I couldn’t fall asleep and all I see pure blackness except for a gigantic silver infinity sign with a shiny white sliver racing along it like a racetrack. The sign is accompanied with a strange deep reverberating hum. I try to get the sign out of my mind and realize I can’t, I am pleading out loud for help from God to save me from the horror I was feeling and I then begin convulsing on my bed. I can still here my friend frantically typing, not saying a word.

I opened my eyes and the room was terrifyingly bright, I felt like I was a subject on an alien space ship lab room. I closed my eyes again and could only see infinity. I was still convulsing and speaking like a robot for help and my friend was still typing and my roommate wasn’t waking up. I wanted to go to sleep to try to sleep the effects off but all I could do was keep going through it. I thought the LSA I had made would make me convulse forever and my friend would be frantically typing forever. I thought I was stuck in a single minute for the rest of eternity. I had very real flash-forwards that someone had come into the room and called an ambulance and that I had ridden the ambulance to a very bright emergency room in a hospital and that I was endlessly convulsing in front of all of the people I loved, my parents and family and friends, and especially people that I respected whom I thought would be disappointed in me for doing drugs.

Jumping out of my window to end it all crossed my mind and I became really scared when I actually thought about that and I felt like I had to keep control of myself so I wouldn’t do it. I made sure to not get out of my bed for fear that I would try to jump out the window. It was the most terrifying and traumatic experience of my life. It felt like it lasted for hours. I continued convulsing and my friend kept typing. I know I eventually fell asleep only because I woke up in the morning at approximately 11:00 am.

15:00 – My thoughts and visuals had calmed noticeably. I was no longer convulsing and I was immediately thankful to be alive. I quickly checked on my friend and he said he was OK and had a major headache. I felt very sore but had no headache. I was still tripping but much more controllably and felt much closer to reality. I was more thankful than ever before to be back in sight of reality.


We went back to sleep for a few more hours and later began slowly to get up and start enjoying a new day in a lovely reality. My friend showed me what he had written during his experience, it was not gibberish at all but a very in-depth relation of the experience as it was happening and it was very rhythmic. He said the words were coming out automatically, without any trying at all. He said he was typing to try to calm down. His experience was with something he dubbed the “Soul Eater,” a dark black cloud he says he had seen during the course of the night. He also wrote thoughts all over numerous pieces of computer paper and waved them in the air with a weary laugh, dubbing them “souvenirs from Hell.” Other interesting parts of his trip were that he could feel the words he typed. He said that when he wrote “ice” that the room turned blue and he felt cold, and when he wrote “fire” the room turned red and became hot. He said he saw demons all over the room the experience was also the worst, most terrifying and traumatic experience of his life.

End Notes

I hope the latter will contribute to the making especially of an “Effects” page for LSA. I definitely blame my own irresponsibility for the above trip, but a little more organized information might save someone else from making the same mistake I did when I chewed the seeds after ingesting the LSA. Also, it might help to portray the potency of LSA more accurately, as I did not expect a trip heavier than LSD because LSA is less potent, I was tripping harder than on a normal dose of LSD. I would recommend the onset for LSA based on this trip is approximately 1:30 to 2:00 hours, the peak comes on really fast from the onset, taking about 30 minutes to max out and lasting for about 5:00 hours. Comedown lasts approximately 5 to 6 hours. After effects (slight movement trails, slightly strange colors and feelings) last about 24 hours.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 69547
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 19, 2010Views: 9,410
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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