The Second Time Was a Little Different
Yarrow, Wormwood & Cannabis
Citation:   Demonic Dreamer. "The Second Time Was a Little Different: An Experience with Yarrow, Wormwood & Cannabis (exp63975)". Jun 21, 2018.

  oral Yarrow
    oral Wormwood
    smoked Cannabis
    smoked Alcohol - Hard
Yarrow and Woodworm Experements

Let me start off by saying I have tried many different psychoactives ranging from, Mushrooms to DXM to Salvia to Opium to 2-CI. My most recent exploration thujone-containing plants have lead me to an interesting discovery.

1 Gram Yarrow, 2 Grams Wormwood, Cannabis
The first 'Trip' was notabily hallucinogetic. I think that the yarrow changes the effects there was a noticable change in 'awareness' compaired to the wormwood. It started at 9:00Pm and ended around Midnight when I fell asleep.

The first high was a little creepy (Not the first time ever trying either plant but first time trying them together). My body almost felt restless and I felt that I needed to do something. Smoking cannabis increased the effects.
Smoking cannabis increased the effects.
By the time I had peaked I noticed colors blending and lights tracing. I had trouble focusing. We spent the next couple of hours walking around on a nice summer night. Some of the dots I see at night time started to change colors, the two most popular colors were blue and yellow. My body was hotter then it normally was and that wasn't confortable.

4 Grams Wormwood, Cannabis, Alcohol
The second time was a little different, I started off drinking 5 or 6 shots of cherry vodka at 6:00pm and then ingested 4 grams of wormwood after I was drunk maybe about 7:30 Pm. This seemed to level off my drunkeness after about 30-45 minutes. This time it wasn't dark but the visual effects were strong, soon after I started to feel the wormwood we started to smoke after each hit I could feel the effects getting alot stronger even stronger then the first time I didn't feel drunk anymore but I knew I was because of the way I was moving. Instead the high felt more dreamy.

The visuals seemed to be alot stronger I noticed that hallucinations seemed to be effected by 2 different things. First thing was Sound, we were about 20-30 feet from a busy street and every time a large truck would drive by I would notice that the 'Particals' of different colors would move in a way that reminded me of how they sounded. The second thing that effected it was light and darkness. When looking at something white that was getting hit by the sun I would notice different visual effects. Darkness or being in the shade also did simular but notabily different visual effects effects.

5 Grams Wormwood, Cannabis, Caffeine, Yohimbine HCI, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine
The third time was intense. I almost forgot to put this one in. I ate a larger dose of wormwood no yarrow, no liquor but this time I had half a can of 'Spike' a popular energy drink here around 4:00pm. After about an hour I was feeling funny but good, we started to smoke some cannabis and play video games. I noticed that I was coming up fast. Everything felt rushed but dreamy. I can't explain this feeling all I know the world was different.
I can't explain this feeling all I know the world was different.
As we continued to play and smoke I noticed that I was starting to shake. I passed the bowl to the next person and skipped out of the leftover bowl.

A friend of mine was on Wormwood and weed after donating plasma, I am pretty sure he was feeling almost the same way just not as enegerized. Before I knew it 5 hours had passed and my heart was beating fast and hard. I was worried for a moment but as soon as I started to relax and take deep breaths I felt fine again. I noticed alot of weird visuals during the next 2 hours.

We ate some pizza and I started to crash from the enegery drink. I still had noticed the effects of the wormwood but I was tired. I couldn't sleep so the rest of the night I took hits from my pipe. Around three I was finally able to go to sleep.

Wormwood is an interesting plant, as is yarrow, my next expirement might be in a liquor form or if I can get some extract.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 63975
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 21, 2018Views: 1,338
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