It All Depends on What I'm Looking For
Calamus, Cannabis & Wormwood
Citation:   neutopia. "It All Depends on What I'm Looking For: An Experience with Calamus, Cannabis & Wormwood (exp60551)". Jan 3, 2018.

  smoked Cannabis  
    smoked Calamus (roots)
    smoked Wormwood (extract)
My first Calamus experience: Smoked.
I had ordered 2 ounces of fresh Cree Sweet Flag root last week. It arrived last night, and when they said 'fresh', they meant I could drop it on wet soil and it would never know it was dug up in the first place. The rhizomes had many smaller root projections extending and some had thick tangled networks of hair-thin, neural tangles. The plastic bag they were sealed in was fogged up from the moisture of the roots, the invoice was from the day prior.

My first thought was to attempt to smoke some with our ritual weed before myself and two friends watched some movies. I pulled the thinnest root projections, the small green pre-leaves and stalks, and some of the hair-thin root tangles and put 3 silica gel packets under a paper towel, the plant material I picked was placed on the towel, and the top was left to the open air for about 1 1/2 hours. They dried considerably in this short time, but were not completely so.

Now I split a blunt and tossed in the normal amount of weed for us, maybe a gram, and most of the calamus (6 g), the tangles are easy to roll. We toked it up and it wasn't bad, but not good either, it tasted exactly like chewing or smoking a house plant. It was that smell you get when you're little and you dig in the dirt, collecting copious amounts of soil and plant under your nails, then scratch your nose with your dirty little hands. So I got an idea.

I had obtained a bottle of wormwood extract that I had used for drinks and a little for smoking. I had, 2 weeks prior, taken saran wrap and put some tobacco and oregano on top, then drowned it in wormwood oil. By now, the oil had become more of a residue on the plastic wrap and the tobacegono-wood concoction was sticky, but useable. I took a small amount (nickel sized) of the stuff and unrolled the blunt (not much fun) and added it. I was carefull not to add too much, as a decent hit of wormwood oil will taint my lungs, tongue, lips, and soul with that pungent odor for 2 days... Yup, the morning wormwood burps are the worst part.

I rolled the blunt back up and sparked it again. It actually tasted great. It was the perfect amount of wormwood to lightly flavor the blunt, cover up the plant taste, but not coat our insides. I can't comment on how much the wormwood might have contributed to the experience, but I assume it was mostly just for flavor.

All in all, it was a great high. I plan on repeating it very soon. It had many of the aspects of a cannabis high, but more lucid, clear-headed, and smooth. The word 'smooth' was used several times that night to describe the feeling. The body feels a distinct relaxation. I'll admit, the subtleties are hard to describe, but they are there, and they are a positive in my opinion.

Perhaps my favorite moments were when I kinda almost nodded off a couple of times (it was late, but I'm not sure if that was it.) I wouldn't be asleep, more of a half-sleep with colorful dream that I'm half-paying attention to. My attention was only drawn to it acutely when some god-awful line was uttered in 'Snakes on a Plane' (which I liked, actually... Somehow) and my friends would laugh loud enough to jar me back into wakedness. This moment focused my attention on the shift back into an alert mental state, where as I hadn't noticed myself slipping into the dreamy states.

I've been nibbling on a strongly flavored rhizome as I write this. Enjoy the subtle

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 60551
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 3, 2018Views: 1,938
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