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Any reports with Brugmansia, Searching for 'cigarette'
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Recommended My Father, Myself, and Everything else Drew Brugmansia & Valium 2010 Jul 17
Recommended Possessed by the Goddess Delight Brugmansia (Tree Datura) 2010 Jul 15
Recommended For I Have Tasted the Trumpet of Experiences Witch Docta Brugmansia 2006 Oct 18
Recommended Talking Pillows Psychonaut 420 Brugmansia 2006 May 05
Recommended Not So Cold to Me IndigoSunrise Brugmansia candida & Calea zacatechichi 2006 Feb 20
Recommended Up All Night Long in the Amazon anonymous Brugmansia 2004 Dec 15
Recommended Ecuadoran Amazon Journey Budding Shaman Brugmansia 2001 Aug 29
Wildest Night Ever Great B Brugmansia 2012 Nov 03
I Must Be Crazy Goony Brugmansia (Tree Datura) 2010 Jul 19
Forbidden Fruit Eve... Brugmansia & MDMA (Ecstasy) 2007 May 03
Moonflowers: A few Bad Experiences N Brugmansia 2006 Mar 14
It's Only a Hallucination Enoctis Brugmansia 2006 Feb 23
Datura Day Trip and Hospital Night Trip Daydreamer Brugmansia 2002 Jul 22
Always Have a Sitter Tropane idiot Brugmansia sanguinea 2018 Aug 11
I Knew Very Little About Them B_Hopkins Brugmansia & Alcohol 2017 Oct 12
Put Me In Another World S. Stone Brugmansia (Tree Datura) 2010 Aug 02
Plant of Good and Evil datura_psychonaut Brugmansia 2008 Apr 18
Good Confused Fun that guy Brugmansia candida (Double White) 2007 Nov 21
Hungry It and the Spinning Thing Dirty Brugmansia 2007 Jun 12
Utter Delirium Anonymous Brugmansia 2007 Jun 06
Waking to the Sound of a Blood Pressure Cuff Tank Brugmansia 2004 Sep 21
A Trip to the Psych Ward Shawn P. Brugmansia & Quetiapine 2003 Apr 15
My How the Trumpets Blow! B Brugmansia 2004 Mar 29
Completely Schizophrenic bowloforanges Brugmansia 2003 Oct 09
I Found the Hallucinations Really Amusing mike Brugmansia 2018 Jul 14
Nine Digit Tea Trevor G. Brugmansia 2010 Jul 22
An Unparalleled Experience Mike Brugmansia 2004 Jan 03
Where's Your Head At Datura Brugmansia 2003 Oct 25

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