It's Only a Hallucination
Citation:   Enoctis. "It's Only a Hallucination: An Experience with Brugmansia (exp46723)". Feb 23, 2006.

  oral Brugmansia (tea)
[ MINDSET ] indifferent
[ SETTING ] home

My entire journey with brugmansia was not to get high, or to trip, but to enlighten myself & others. One should never try anything without knowing the possible outcomes.

Furthermore, this was my first time using brugmansia. As an avid tripper I made the decision to try it without a sitter. This could have turned out terribly bad, but luckily it didn't. I actually enjoyed most of the experience. It really changes the way I think. What's so dangerous about brugmansia & datura is that thought process gets jumbled and I think that I'm thinking normally. Let me tell you.. I wasn't, by any means.

Now for the goodies:

6 brugmansia leafs (all mature, about 7' X 15' each)
5 paper coffee filters (they get clogged by this mixture and you have to switch them out)
1 brugmansia blossom (mature, pink)
1 milk jug
1 large cup (that won't melt with boiling water added)
1 pot for heating the mixture
1 cup of sugar
1 funnel

cut the plant-matter into shreads with a pair of scissors

put .125 gallons of water (fill to that bottom line on a milk jug) in the pot on the stove.

turn the stove on high until the water is about to boil, then lower the heat to prevent boiling

then add the shredded plant-matter which should cook for approximately 20-25 minutes

this mixture will now be strained this through a few coffee filters into the cup

when finished straining the liquid put all of the pulp into a filter (this may take 2 filters) into the cup

using the funnel, pour a cup of sugar into the milk jug

pour the mixture from the cup back into the pot and turn the heat on again, but don't boil it; just get it really hot

using the funnel, pour the heated liquid into the milk jug, cap the jug, shake it up

you will need to release the pressure a few times during this process (remove the cap)

let this substance cool down naturally (don't put it in your refridgerator or icebox)

I had less than half of the mixture above, and it made me hallucinate pretty decently, but as you read, took a while to kick in.

[ FRIDAY, SEP 30, 2005 ] [ 21:45 ]
Drank 1 coffee-cup mug of tea (approximately .75 cups)

[ FRIDAY, SEP 30, 2005 ] [ 21:58 ]
I can tell that I'm not sober, but the effects are not very strong as of this moment. Feeling as though my eyes are trying to look in two different directions, but only in slight proportions. Cottonmouth is starting to take effect as well, but once again, only slightly.

[ FRIDAY, SEP 30, 2005 ] [ 22:04 ]
My sense of balance seems slightly distorted. I am not quite stumbling, but am uncertain as to whether or not I would be able to walk a straight line. I am noticing that I do not feel the 'heavy' feeling that I have read about.

[ FRIDAY, SEP 30, 2005 ] [ 22:05 ]
I am planning to drink another cup @ 22:45 if I feel it necessary.

[ FRIDAY, SEP 30, 2005 ] [ 22:08 ]
Heartrate is increased, and it feels as though my pupils are dilating. They don't appear to be dilated (I just checked) but instead of feeling heavy, I am beginning to feel light.

[ FRIDAY, SEP 30, 2005 ] [ 22:16 ]
My pupils are beginning to dilate... Or at least appear to be.

[ FRIDAY, SEP 30, 2005 ] [ 22:19 ]
I am beginning to feel tired. I was expecting this. I am going to fight sleep, at least long enough to drink another cup of this wonderul (so far) tea. Also, cottonmouth is beating me with a whip right now. It feels like I hung my opened-mouth window out the car window on a 200 mile journey; in other words.. It's DRY AS HELL!

[ FRIDAY, SEP 30, 2005 ] [ 22:33 ]
I just used the restroom and found that my urine didn't flow as freely as it normally would. I had to force my urine out, which made me paranoid b/c I have read that many people have urinated & defecated on themselves without even knowing it while on this trip & boy was I straining! Luckily, I walked away clean.

[ FRIDAY, SEP 30, 2005 ] [ 22:39 ]
I drank most of another cup of the tea (coffee-cup mug = .75 cup)

[ FRIDAY, SEP 30, 2005 ] [ 22:45 ]
It's been 1 hour since I first consumed the tea. I am now seeing odd hallucinations. There is a face that's multicolored coming from the corner of my room, it just comes out of the shadow for a second, then returns. I can't make out who the face is due to its colorful nature. The face is black for the most part, as if its face were see-thru, but its facial features are neon lights. There are waves of green & yellow illuminations flowing across my cieling. The patterns beneath (higher than) the coloring look like doily patterns that are morphing and whatnot. The walls look as if someone splattered little pink, green, & blue drops all over them.

[ FRIDAY, SEP 30, 2005 ] [ 22:47 ]
I am beginning to feel a little sleepy, but restless at the same time. No jitters and no 'out of the ordinary' visuals. By out of the ordinary I mean things that I see anyway. I have visuals all the time, even sober. I remember saying as a teen that it would be 'cool' to hallucinate all the time as if I were on acid. I still love the hallucinations, but they can get annoying. Remember that bit of information. It does get annoying, not all the time, but it does. Especially the auditory hallucinations. I hear people whispering, but can't find them. I hear people call my name, but they're nowhere to befound. If you had that happen constantly, I am sure you would find it annoying as well.

[ FRIDAY, SEP 30, 2005 ] [ 22:51 ]
I finished off the cup of tea that I began drinking @ 22:39. I have now consumed 1.5 cups of liquid brugmansia.

[ FRIDAY, SEP 30, 2005 ] [ 23:22 ]
I took a shower and I noticed a few strange things. On the way to the shower from my room I noticed that my equilibrium was off-balanced, though I was thinking what I thought to be clearly. I could see myself walking all drunk-like, yet I felt mentally sober; much like ether. Once I was in the shower there was a folded & twisted washcloth... But my mind envisioned this rag as a chunk of a person's face torn off and set there with the eye still in the socket. This eye wouldn't quit making eye contact with me. I was shocked at first when I saw it, and I jumped. I don't usually jump even if I'm scared to death. I don't know what made me jump - it was merely a washcloth. I knew this because I noticed it before it became an eyeball & ripped flesh.

The second oddity that I noticed is that one of the screws holding the shower crown in (the board running along the walls at the ceiling) grew legs and started 'sniffing' around the shower. It appeared to be a spider, but when I got closer to take a look, the legs dissipated; they faded out until the were gone. And there... Was the screw.. In all of its glory.

Another strange thing is that my hands were red in the shower.. Actually - they're still red. They look as though one would if they took a large dose of niacin. Also, where the shower wall meets the floor there is some writing, but it's hard to read, and when I get closer it fades away. I managed to read part of this; which reads, 'you are not...' I have no idea as to the meaning of this.

Even though I have never been afraid of the dark I was on brugmansia. I wasn't like so scared that I wouldn't walk into the dark, but I was really nervous about doing so. I've eaten 27 hits of acid before (alice-in-wonderland) and went to a dark room intentionally to really get my mind ticking. The people I was with (also veteran trippers) only took 4 hits each, and wigged out.

The reason I'm telling you this is because I don't scare easy, even when tripping extremely hard. This mystical plant made me nervous about walking in the dark, who knows what it may do to you. I suggest avoiding dark rooms all-together.

[ SATURDAY, OCT 01, 2005 ] [ 00:13 ]
I laid back on my bed and watched all sorts of things fly by. These hallucinations are unlike any that I've had. On acid, the visuals are smooth and constant. With brugmansia, they don't move quite as often, but when they do... They snap into place. Small things do move smoothly on brugmansia, but they move so fast I don't really get a good look at them. Everything is breathing, but not as much as I would have expected. My chest-of-drawers is trying to walk away right now, but the carpet's grip is too strong.. I know this isn't really happning, but it's quite amusing to watch.

[ SATURDAY, OCT 01, 2005 ] [ 08:11 ]
Well, I went to sleep, with some difficulty in lieu of the fact that I couldn't get comfortable. I was starting to worry myself that perhaps I took too much b/c all of a sudden I was feeling VERY strange; completely out of place. But I have awakened, and I am still tripping. Not quite as hard, but still am. I had an awful taste in my mouth so I brushed my teeth. My stomach was feeling a little queezy so I have eaten a bowl of cereal.

[ SATURDAY, OCT 01, 2005 ] [ 11:00 ]
Yep, still tripping; and there appears to be smoke coming from my desk. The smoke keeps flying by my face, and I say to myself 'oh yea, I need to smoke that cigarette before it's dead' but when I reach down to grab it... I realize that I don't even have an ashtray in here right now, let alone a burning cigarette. I've already done this several times today. My pupils are still pretty dilated, and the cottonmouth is still present, but not very bad.

I just looked out my bedroom door b/c of the music and I wanted to know who was messing with my stereo. I'm the only one here, so my radio shouldn't have changed stations. When I opened my door there stood sherlock holmes. Such and odd person to see; from all of my research you tend to run into people you used to know and such. I've never met Mr. Holmes.. But he's been to my house now. By the way... There wasn't any music playing to start with. As I am typing this out, my door is attempting to close itself, but I have it propped open with my shoes. I think my door might be getting mad b/c it's breathing heavily now. No, I do not actually think my door is mad, I know it's only a hallucination.

[ SATURDAY, OCT 01, 2005 ] [ 11:37 ]
Trippin' like a villian. This text is turning shades of grey, red, orange, yellow, blue, & violet, but only certain words. The problem is, I can't tell which ones are highlighted by color b/c they keep changing; the color seems to be playing musical chairs with the music that isn't playing, but's ok.. I hear the music too. I know it's not on, but I hear it nonetheless. I am unable to read anything unless I hold it at arm's length. When I try to read small print (having to hold it closer) my eyes don't seem to want to point in the same direction; much like astigmatism.

[ SATURDAY, OCT 01, 2005 ] [ 12:30 ]
Still tripping. I am semi-watching a spider build a spider web across the bottom of my monitor. The reason I say 'semi-watching' is b/c if I look directly at her or her web.. It disappears.

I am going to go ahead and post this. The trip is still going steady; though I feel much more comfortable now. I hope this gives some people some insight as to the effects of this mystical plant. Ok...

[ SATURDAY, OCT 01, 2005 ] [ 12:40 ]
Something under my bed just growled. It was quite a sinister growl. I know it's only in my head, so I am going to ignore it... Also a penny just came out from behind my monitor and landed on top of it, but without sound. Sneaky pennies. My walls look as thought they're being projected onto a backdrop and the wind is blowing it around. And they're assuming a pink-red color.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46723
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 23, 2006Views: 40,657
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