For I Have Tasted the Trumpet of Experiences
Citation:   Witch Docta. "For I Have Tasted the Trumpet of Experiences: An Experience with Brugmansia (exp56510)". Oct 18, 2006.

  repeated oral Brugmansia
Some words about myself: Well, I`m 19, I study history in an university. I`m an everyday smoker and I like to experiment with other substances but I never use anything but marijuana and hashish frequently. Everybody knows I`m a smoker - and I don`t hide it. I have a lot of friends, I go on dates quite often and I make extra cash hustling around. I know I have homies who have got my back covered and a good future waiting for me. So I`m a positive person, never depressed, hardly ever do I feel stress.

The first contact was in spring, when me and my friend K had the opportunity to buy two brugmansia plants (each about 1 meter tall) from a fair held in town for its 800th birthday. The lady who sold us the plants had a stupid grin on her face all the time and she told us, that she once got dizzy just from transporting Angel`s trumpets in her car with closed windows.

On that night we made some tea from a couple of middle-sized and a handful of smaller leaves. When a teaspoon of sugar was added, it didn`t taste bad at all, just odd. We had no effects what so ever.

By the end of summer, one of my other friend had two blossoms that had fell off. So he and another friend of his and me tested the plant by eating those two blossoms. Again, no effects occurred.

A week later, I had to have an emergency consumption of one of my blossoms. It had some kind of a vermin on, and none of the leaves didn`t grow any bigger for a week, and that blossom didn`t fully open, so I ate it.

I had totally forgotten about eating it. I was with K and another friend smoking pot, 5 hours later, when I felt that bodyhigh felt noticeably different, though it`s impossible to describe it. It was about the same time K and I went home. I had some pretty interesting dreams that night. Actually they were dream-like sequences I`ll describe later on. Though I only remember one of it from that night. I was sitting by a fire in a beach, having a conversation with someone. When I entered that dream the chat was already on but I knew instantly what it was about. I remember feeling the wind and I could actually smell that salty sea air. Incredible.

Along came September, which means I had to move back to the city I go to school in. There I went to the cityís botanical garden, and searched the plant in greenhouses for almost two hours. I had given up, when I saw huge Brugmansia trees growing on a small hill outside in the gardenís park. Four amazing trees bearing gigantic blossoms just waited me. I grabbed three of them and the next day an extra one. In the weekend I went back to my hood. We couldn`t go to a party, cause K had broken his leg, so we just had some Metaxa and some weed with K and another friend and there were couple of girls.

I insisted on making tea from those blossoms (I used three), eventually I was the only one consuming it. I had huge pupils, but that was it. Disappointed I just ate the remaining flower. About half an hour later outside, I fell over like a stick, hitting the ground with my jaw. The only thing I remember about it is me laughing like crazy still lying on the ground. It had been so stupid, but I just didn`t control it. I remember little about that evening. Though I do remember everybody having a great time including me. Metaxa just does miracles.

I remember nothing about getting home or being home. Yeah there`s only a sequence in my memory, where I`m standing in my room, everything feeling different. There is a strange sickly green light glowing from everthing. And on the ground in a corner of my room I see a red balloon. When I try to pick it up, it gets smaller and smaller until it disappears between my hands. I can`t say if it was a hallucination or just a dream. I just remember it.

A week after we had a small gathering in some apartment, and I brought the flowers (I stole approximately 15 blossoms from that garden again before going to that place). There were 7 people and one of the girls was going to stay sober to look after us. The room was quite dark, with a huge couch and a nice parquet to sit on for those who didn`t fit on comforts. We listened to jungle most of the time. So I chopped up all the flowers and boiled them for about 20 minutes. It looked like piss, and smelled and tasted slightly like cabbage though some of the people complained about it tasting like an egg.

We each had two cups, with almost no effects, besides the slightly dilated pupils and some loss of motor skills. So me and another friend went on to raid the garden again. This time we brought back about 25 fresh flowers, which we decided to eat fresh. I also purchased some pot, so we smoked it while we waited the effects to kick in and slowly digesting and eating the flowers. The taste was bitter and foul.

So at some point while waiting and sharing bowls of Mary Jane, I had a conversation with a guy who was hanging around with us but I didn`t know him. Now we all knew he had schizophrenia, and he was high from his medicine even before we got there. He was kind of fatuous before, but now he just stared at me with huge eyes and a look I`ll never forget. He then stated that he was a hawk and we were just some stupid mice it`s going to eat.

I don`t like arrogant shitheads, so I stated that I`m a lion, too big to eat and to cool to fear a bird. Now this guy was like two times bigger than I am, so I was under a lot of pressure, being alert all the conversation, which lasted for about 15 minutes and was strategically aforethought from both sides. It was a true mind battle. In the end he accepted that I understood his position and he even called me 'lion' once, later on that night.
I weigh 55 kg and ate four huge fresh flowers. The only effects I noticed were a small buzz in my head and huge MDMA-like pupils, and it was hard to make up long sentences.

The only persons tripping hard were that crazy hawk and that friend I razed the garden with on the second time called E. They were both glassy-eyed and quietly mumbling when talking. Though E didn`t talk much. Lying on the couch he looked very sleepy. I went on the balcony to have a cigarette and rest from both trying and pretending to understand what that hawk-dude was trying to say, it was hard to remember the topic and most of the sentences were way too long. When I came back I saw E doing dancing moves with his hands while he lied on his back, eyes closed. The poor fool doesn`t even like drum and bass. The sight reminded me of a clip I saw about a person who had taken too much ecstasy. He also described to me how the 'walls went away but the room remained'.

It was about four hours from ingesting the first fresh flowers and I was getting pretty sleepy myself. I woke up E, who had now been completely sleeping for about half an hour, and we started walking home, totally forgetting about two other friends, because they had been sleeping in the other room for about an hour. Feeling only the effects of cannabis, they were bored and sleepy. On the way home, E kept on mumbling while walking next to me. I didn`t bother to talk to him, until one point he suddenly stopped, and asked what we were doing with a normal voice like being sober again all of a sudden. I explained that we were walking home from that apartment. He was stunned. He said something like 'but I was in Zavood. Just right now...' (Zavood is a pub we like to go).

We went along laughing.

The next day I felt a bit tired and I couldn`t focus my eyes on things close, like my cellphone`s display.

I was amazed about how E had tripped (he too weighs about 55 kg but he only ate 1.5 fresh flowers against my 4) and dissapointed about my own trip. So in the weekend while I was back in home I took one bigger thorn-covered apple from my brugmansia plant, to take it with me to school.

I planned to eat the seeds in my dormitory, where it was quite safe and the others could babysit me.

I cut the pod open and got all the seeds out and cleaned them from all the flesh. There were 236 tiny golden seeds. They dried very quickly, looking sapless 3 hours later when I thought it was the right moment to start with the experience.

I ate 55 seeds chewing them carefully and flushing them down with some water. I then chatted with a girl in messenger, waiting the effects to come on.

Not more than half an hour later, I noticed that my vision was getting a bit blurred and it was a lot harder to type. I smiled and wanted to describe it to my roommate called J who was sitting behind his computer nearby. But when I heard my own voice I quickly shut up. It sounded frighteningly false. I tried to get up, but landed back on my chair. Vain attempt. With another try I managed to stand up and stumbled across the room to get something to drink, my throat was so dry! I had a conversation in our kitchen with another roommate called E (not to be mistaken with my friend E). I managed to somehow control my voice, though some words came out sounding so high, they were more like peeps. And it was incredibly hard to follow anything we were talking about, though I understood most of it, and so did my conversation partner, even though I had to repeat my words very often, cause they sounded like mumbling. Talking was truly frustrating.

I went to have a piss. It was bizarrely hard to do it and I ended up urinating all over the toilet bowl and everywhere around it. I cleaned up, and when washing my hands in front of a mirror I first noticed my pupils were dilated and that my face was very red, but when I looked at my hands they were more like carotene. I did feel hot all over my body. I showed my hands to my roommate, being worried, because their colour was almost unearthly. He told me to relax and said that they look just fine. I believed him, though every time later during that evening when I happened to look at my hands, they were orange in colour.

I felt very sleepy and lay down on my bed. When I closed those peepers, I was almost instantly in a dream world, not really sleeping, cause I knew what was going on and I could open my eyes easily, being in a whole new situation, when closing them again. Unfortunately those dreams were hard to remember some minutes later.

I went to the toilet to urinate again. This time I was smarter and just sat on the closet like a lady. When I looked up, I saw E (my roommate) standing next to the sink, and J came out behind the shower curtain. I was happy to see them and we started to talk, while I was sitting on the toilet. It didn`t felt strange at all. That situation could have lasted 1-5 minutes, then all of the sudden I heard myself mumbling and the second I realised the door had been closed and locked all the time, they were gone. Mere hallucinations. I don`t remember that situation as clearly as other events that night leaving me to think that this dreamy state could be entered with opened eyes.

I continued my dream sessions. Never really falling asleep, but it was the most interesting thing to do. The situations were so real, and there was never anything stupid nor impossible like in normal dreams, so I just lived those moments until a point I startled for no reason and woke up. It went on a long time, my dream sequences getting longer and longer, until I must have finally fell asleep. Normal sleep.

I woke up. My hands still didn`t look normal. I took off my clothes and got under the blanket. I re-entered that weird dream world with sudden startles for a short while. Then fell asleep. When I woke up the next day it was about 14:15. I couldn`t focus my eyes on things close and my pupils were pretty big the whole morning.

I lost most of my eagerness of eating that deliriant after my seeds experience. No, it wasn`t a bad trip. But I felt that my mission was completed. I had seen it, I had felt it. No need to look any closer for it is a venom.
I gave the rest of the seeds to a friend, who ate half of them and talked about similar effects (inability to talk, loss of motor skills etc) and he started to meditate on the floor of a cafe for some bizarre reasons. He drank liquer too that night and remembers very little.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56510
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 18, 2006Views: 34,145
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