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Reports from Jul 16 2000 - Jul 16 2000
(32 Total)

A Peaceful Float to the End of the Earth Voodoo Damiana 2000 Jul 16
Smoking Bundleflower Root Bark Freyje Desmanthus illinoensis & Cannabis 2000 Jul 16
This Damned Blue Collar Tweeker Alien Methamphetamine 2000 Jul 16
Club Speed D Methamphetamine 2000 Jul 16
Watch Your Ticker! Shaft Methamphetamine 2000 Jul 16
Codeine Trip Anonymous Codeine (Tylenol 3) 2000 Jul 16
No Big Deal Tree Codeine 2000 Jul 16
Codeine Blues Stuart W. Codeine 2000 Jul 16
Speeding Through Life Princess SCSS Cocaine & Methamphetamine 2000 Jul 16
Not Worth It Fumis Catnip 2000 Jul 16
Panic Attack and Palpitating Heart Stars Caffeine 2000 Jul 16
Never Again ECGirlie Caffeine 2000 Jul 16
Caffeine, stange noises, and sleep paralysis Doppelgänger Caffeine 2000 Jul 16
Love/Hate Relationship Anonymous Caffeine 2000 Jul 16
Organic Brain Syndrome Brigid Caffeine 2000 Jul 16
A Word Of Advise A.M Cacti (unknown var.) 2000 Jul 16
Be True With the Toad Mr Mojo Risin' Toad Venom (B. alvarius) 2000 Jul 16
Ebriete Dany48 Brugmansie candida 2000 Jul 16
Strange but Nice M. Thompson Brugmansia suaveolens 2000 Jul 16
The Angel's Trumpets Sound The End kid_oblivion Brugmansia 2000 Jul 16
The Learning Curve Beanz Amphetamine (Adderall) 2000 Jul 16
1st Time Drunk Doomah Alcohol (Whiskey) 2000 Jul 16
Faster Extraction Method Dr. Garth from BC Codeine 2000 Jul 16
Valerian for Period Pain Anna Valerian 2000 Jul 16
A Fun but Short-Lived Ride Daikon Dan Betel Nut 2000 Jul 16
Definitely an Enjoyable Drug I.B. Surprised Codeine 2000 Jul 16
The Speed Lane Dion Cocaine & Methamphetamine 2000 Jul 16
Jet Pills Sanger BZP 2000 Jul 16
A Bender to Remember!!! Nekom Alcohol, Cannabis & Caffeine 2000 Jul 16
This is Alcohol? Dragonfli Alcohol (Rum) 2000 Jul 16
Absinthe in Japan Crossslash Absinthe 2000 Jul 16
Really, Really Wasted Justin Alcohol (Rum) 2000 Jul 16

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