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The Learning Curve
Amphetamine (Adderall)
Citation:   Beanz. "The Learning Curve: An Experience with Amphetamine (Adderall) (exp357)". Jul 16, 2000.

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30 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 2:30 30 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
This is a description of the experience I had on February 15th, 2000 while using, from my research, what would be considered a moderate to low dose of Adderall (d-amphetamine). As a quick summation (there is a better summation at the end of this document, so be sure to read the entire account of events), I'd say Adderall is like X, but ~1/4 the power, and with many different effects and, most specifically, different benefits. Also, keep in mind higher doses will probably produce significantly stronger reactions; this is my assumption based on my experiences as a recreational drug (tonight) and as a medicinal agent for my very light case of ADD (2 years with very few breaks).

At 5:00pm I took 30mg,. For scale, when I was on the drug for medicinal purposes I took 25mg, but it was spread out over a 6 to 8 hour period. (15 mg at 8 am, 10mg more whenever I needed it, like doing homework at night, so really the biggest kick I got was on 15mg). Also note after speaking with friends and acquaintances who have exceptionally more drastic cases of ADD than myself, 30mg at one sitting is a physician prescribed dosage. If you have never taken Adderall before, the doses that I took this evening will more than suffice to give you a very good overview of what the drug will do to you.

It kicked in around 15-20 minutes after five. However, I knew what to expect as far as the initial effects, so you might not notice it for ~25-30 min or so. The first thing I felt was that I suddenly realized I was thinking very deeply about everything, and I don't mean in specifically a philosophical way. I was just thinking practically about how things work, different ways in which I could utilize them, whatever was naturally entering my mind. Entirely normal thoughts, but I took them to the next level, giving them more attention than I normally would. It could definitely go philosophical if you wanted it to though, and what you come up with would most definitely be worth listening to later (if you were inclined to record the experience). I kept my train of thought and expounded on it in very applicable and reasonable ways. My thought train only derailed if something more interesting entered my mind, but it would have had to have been much more interesting than what I was currently pondering, not simply different. Even then, it was a natural decision to change my focus; the new element did not take over on its own.

I thought long and hard about what was in my head, but was still aware, even more than normally, of my surroundings. Once I had taken a thought as far as I liked, I instantly (and most importantly in my opinion, naturally) switched to something else that I would have normally moved on to if I had been sober. In other words my thought process was more complex, but followed the same logic and patterns I always have.

This effect, of heightened awareness and deep thought, lasted throughout the 'learning' (like rolling, or tripping) experience as I have dubbed it (assuming there isn't already a name for it). Friends and I also now refer to Adderall as 'A+' for various obvious reasons. I am unaware of any other pseudonyms, and this is simply my personal nomenclature.

About 45 minutes into the learning process (I am in class now, waiting for 6:00pm when it starts), I got a warm, tight feeling in my chest. Kind of like the immense goodness you might have felt on acid or X, but the feeling is more of a tightness than a warmth or burning, and is much less intense, yet still very noticeable and very enjoyable. Now all my emotions were good in nature. Not necessarily happy, but good. There was no way I could have felt bad (unless something truly tragic occurred), but I could easily comprehend bad things and could have changed my demeanor if I saw fit. I'd like to add that I am a firm believer that any drug experience will be made better if you are in comfortable surroundings and a good, clear mindset. That was the only preparation I considered before swallowing the pills, but then again many of the other factors, personal reactions to the drug etcetera, had already been ironed out since I took it medicinally for 2 years. You should find out if you have any risk factors to take into consideration.

More specifically about the feeling in the chest, when I started thinking about something and got the least bit excited about it, the feeling in my chest would come over me in a whoosh and I felt I was ready to take on the world, as I continued to delve into thought. I just kept having good ideas (and although I was still learning when I wrote this, I can honestly say the ideas are quality, no weird deranged thoughts that only make sense while I'm using. I could use these ideas later. Speaking of later, I had no problem remembering events that transpired or what I thought about.)

Along the lines of this 'goodness', I could control all the effects the drug had on me, at least at this dosage, although I'd speculate at any dosage that isn't extraordinarily excessive this would remain accurate. I could let it lead me off somewhere, but I had more than enough power to stop it if I needed to (ex: I was in class, so who knows what I might be confronted with), and since I was unusually aware of my surroundings it's not like I would have snapped back into reality and thought, 'oh shit, the teacher is talking to me, straighten up dude, straighten up!!' I knew what was happening in real time, so the switch from deep thought to 'Yes professor I understand the before mentioned postulate' was seamless, and I actually would have understood the postulate.

By the way, this entire description is in more or less chronological order, although most all of the effects are still felt until you start coming down.

It's was then 6:00pm and class was starting. I had been learning for 1 hour. I felt as though the recreational effects were starting to wear off a bit, as I wasn't feeling the 'goodness' but still felt very alert and was thinking in double time. (If my mind was a processor, it would have been pegged at 100%, but I would have been experiencing no system lag :-)) I started to examine my situation to see exactly what the drug was still doing to me, if anything (for posterity i.e. this document). I realized that my inhibitions were lowered, but in a much different way than most people are used to. While I didn't want just start talking to people around me, or blurt out / do things I normally wouldn't have, if the chance arouse to speak with someone, I didn't hesitate. Also, while I was not trying to be everyone's best friend (like some experience on X), I felt enthralled in conversations I was having. The best way I could describe it, is that I felt very good, almost ecstatic (but a controlled ecstatic) that someone was listening to what I had to say, and I thought to myself how great it was that this other person was interested enough to share their ideas with me. (If you're wondering, I was talking to the guy next to me a bit before class began, at like 5:55pm).

I looked at my watch well into class and realized it was 6:30. I thought, 'Damn', as it felt like I had only been there for around 15-20 minutes. I'd say time was sped up by around 30%, but I didn't really notice unless I looked at my watch. It was weird, while I was listening to the Prof. it seemed like time was passing normally, but that somehow I was getting more out of it, as if I was managing my time better, being more productive. Once I realized it was ~15 minutes later than I thought, I simply went back to taking notes and the time issue slipped out of my mind.

I found I was taking very detailed notes, but not just writing down everything the Prof. said. I was able to extrapolate the most important things, while taking everything he said in. This could also be applied to conversations and events that were unfolding around me. I seemed to be able to notice what it was that was important about them, but without disregarding the less important aspects.

So it was getting close to 7:15, and my brain was still working double time (but I didn't feel overloaded, I felt like I was simply thinking more efficiently ... because I was - remember, this drug is made for people with ADD, as a substitute for Ritalin). I was still taking wonderful notes (my handwriting got much better by the way) and I was still listening to the Prof., but all 'goodness' in the chest had gone, I realized I hadn't noticed it in a while. So I figured the desired recreational effects had worn off.

I was wrong.

We then had a break for 5 minutes at 7:30. As I stood up it all came back to me, rolling over my chest in a whoosh (the tightening, goodness, etc). As soon as I started moving, and I mean as soon as, like as I stood halfway up, I felt a little out of sorts, and naturally felt excited that the drug was still working. Well there I went, the excitement was multiplied and I felt damn good. The best way I can describe it, is I just felt cool and in control, which I most certainly was -- I was content with everything, plus happy on top. I had no attitude about myself, like 'I'm a bad ass', but I just felt like I was 200% zoned in on what was going on around me, and since my brain was working better I was much more witty and felt extraordinarily good about myself. As I was leaving the room I was walking head up, shoulders back, not like a noticeable strut, but simply like someone who felt good about himself. It was a very natural posture (I'm sure of this, I saw myself on a monitor while leaving for the vending machine. This class is taught by video conference.).

I grabbed a coke from the machine because I had already decided I wanted to take 30mg more. I decided this back when I thought the recreational goodness was gone, but even now that it was still there I figured what the hell and did 3 more (10mg each):-) (I wasn't craving it at all though, I think this is important to note. I could have easily stopped there and just came down). I popped those at 7:36pm.

Oh just a note, whenever I felt excitement, my heart rate rose, nothing dramatic but noticeable and it was pumping fairly hard. It felt so good pumping in my chest that I wanted to keep nourishing my excitement, but like I said, it wasn't out of my control. If I needed to chill out I could have just turned it off like that. Also this whole time I was swiveling side to side in my chair a bit, and when he played music (the class is titled Popular Music in American Culture, and we listened to some great blues music tonight) I had to (as in it felt so good and was so inconspicuous that it would have been a crime not to) tap/move my toes around in my shoes. I also kind of bounced to the beat in my chair. However, once again I want to stress that if I had to stop it all I could have.

Music sounded great, not like when I was on acid (music sounded unreal to me, it took me to other places and I had no control - some songs I had heard a million times I couldn't even recognize and experienced in a completely different way, but back to A+), but I was experiencing the music in much the same way that conversations were more interesting. I didn't hear weird noises or make the song out to be more than it was, but I was able to, I guess, respect the song more. It was like the first time you hear a really great song, when it is still different and special, you get that feeling again, even if you've heard it a million times and it's lost some of it's zing. Not all songs sounds great though, if it were a bad song, a single interesting instrument or sound wouldn't have kept me interested.

Class was dismissed at 8:45 and I was feeling good. Thinking back, as the second dosage really kicked in hard, around 8:00, I got a generally good glow in my chest, which could be intensified by more emotion, but just kind of chilled there in my chest if I wanted it to. On the way out I made some witty remark to my teacher because he jokingly made some smart-ass remark to me. I don't remember exactly what it was (just a passing thing I wouldn't have remembered sober), but I do remember my remark was extremely witty and off the top of my head. Oh, also, something interesting, he always makes jokes at the beginning of class that aren't that great, then towards the middle and end he makes more jokes that no one I mean NO ONE understands. Well tonight I was the only one laughing at all of them, and he pointed out that I was getting them. He kept referring to obscure and unimportant things he mentioned earlier in the class, the type of things you hear a person say and immediately (and naturally) disregard because you know they will never come up again, but I was making the connection, no one else was. I finally understand his humor!

As I was walking home, I was compelled to look around, at the buildings, the sky, the people walking next to me, cars passing by, etc., for no other reason than to just to take them in and be aware of it all. Also I was walking quite a bit faster than I normally do, not like I was some gimpy fool having some sort of trouble making it to jogging speed, but just a little quicker pace. I felt the muscles in my legs as they worked, and every time they were flexed I got a subtle yet nicely noticeable warm and pleasurable sensation from them, like stretching after a long movie. It never turned into a strong pressure though, like it did (at least for me) on acid. You know, like you know your body (or a specific muscle) is tired, and although it doesn't hurt, you feel the pressure of it flexing extremely hard. It never got to that point; it just kept flexing and feeling good.

And here we are. I am still learning and the music is pumping. As you can tell from this document, I have become very precise and thorough (like the note taking).

I'm trying to think of a basic statement or two that could sum up the whole of the feelings. It goes a little something like this : All the emotions and feelings (basically everything and anything your body goes through on a normal day) are exaggerated and enhanced to a point at which they are noticeably more intense, more pleasurable, and more worthwhile, but it never overwhelms you to an uncontrollable point. You are sociable to a point that's not unusual or suspicious, but you are getting much more out of it (living) than you are exhibiting to others. I'd say it's the perfect drug to do if you want to feel good/cool/in the know/attentive/witty/on the ball//like the proverbial 'man', while in a social setting in which you don't want it to be obvious that you're on anything, or a setting where you still have to get something done. I suppose an even better way of putting it all, if you haven't already got the idea, is you internalize all you feel and think (which is a very substantial amount), and are then able to examine it all and let out only what you see fit, while still enjoying all you are experiencing.

The above was all written (with the exception of some editing as it was originally an email) at around 9:15pm, 4 hours and 15 minutes from the first 30mg dose and 1 hour and 40 minutes from the second 30mg dose. It did not wear off completely until just now (read: I have been wide awake and only now felt like sleeping). It is now 1:49am, 8 hours 45 minutes from the first dose, and 6 hours 9 minutes from the second dose. It should be noted however that any extremely desirable effects were gone (unless I tried to notice them, and then they were weak) at around 11:30pm. The deep thinking and astuteness were weaker, but still very noticeable until 1:49am.

The only side effects I have ever noticed when on A+ are lack of hunger and dry mouth (but not like cotton mouth, just noticeably drier). Forgetting or not having a desire to drink fluids was not a problem. To restate, the dosage in this experience was 30mg to start, then 30mg approx. 2 and hours later.

I plan to do this again with a higher dosage, probably starting with 50mg or 60mg and feeling it out from there. When I do I will submit that experience as well. I am sill gathering information about approximate safety zones as far as dosages, and as this is an amphetamine I would strongly urge anyone who decides to use Adderall without a physicians supervision to be exceptionally careful. Read up on all aspects of the drug, not simply experiences stories like this one. Everyone reacts differently to drugs and you should know if you have any risk factors. You have a big responsibility when you use any drug, so please do your best to make it safe for yourself and everyone else.

Sorry that was so long, but I wanted to be thorough.

Final thoughts and suggestions: Keep in mind that just because this is a long and detailed document doesn't mean it was an intensely overwhelming experience. When considering this drug, take the words and phrasings at their face value. What I am getting at, is don't read more into it than what I have actually written.

I think most anyone would enjoy this drug, not only was I able to feel great, but I was actually able to learn better, retaining what I heard in class, not to mention taking incredible notes. You also appear sober to anyone around you, and personally it was a good way for me to be more attentive, have more fun, and feel generally better without overwhelming my body or mind.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 357
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Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 16, 2000Views: 119,278
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