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Answered QuestionsNameDate
Was Orange Sunshine actually ALD-52? zXurgan Mar 14 2016
What does 'parachuting' a drug mean? anonymous Aug 8 2012
What should I know about taking ecstasy? Lydia Aug 17 2011
Can LSD be brewed into beer? Ben Mar 20 2011
Does Bufo alvarius venom contain DMT? Anonymous Feb 2 2011
Is DMT produced in the human brain? aaron Sep 2 2010
What is the molecular weight of LSD tartrate? A PhD Pharmacologist and Chemist Feb 3 2010
What are the defining characteristics of 5-MeO-DMT? Max Nov 19 2009
What are the medium or long term health effects of 2C-I? Brit May 25 2004
What does the 25 stand for in LSD-25? Anonymous Mar 1 2004
Is there such a thing as "coke-based" or "meth-based" ecstasy? no May 11 2003
Are MBDB and Methylone the same chemical? RG Apr 19 2003
Is 5-MeO-DMT a "research chemical"? Anonymous Mar 6 2003
What is the nature of taurine and its effects? Lope Nov 11 2002
Does caffeinated soap really work? bug Nov 7 2002
Does 2C-B come in blotter form? gettinghigher Sep 19 2002
Are PCP and Formaldehyde chemically related? Non Aug 3 2002
Is STP chemically related to BZ? Do they have similar effects? Syrinis Aug 2 2002
Was LSD laced with strychnine in the 1960s? Syrinis Aug 2 2002
Does combining prozac with ecstasy really damage the heart? zak Mar 29 2002
What is "Pervitin"? Anonymous Mar 20 2002
What is "Methedrine" Anonymous Mar 20 2002
Are amphetamine, "meth", Adderall, and Ritalin all the same thing? nicleee Oct 29 2001
Can oxygen be used as a drug and if so what are the effects? ChaosPez Jul 4 2001

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