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Answered QuestionsNameDate
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Is LSD available in 2014 on the black market? Ronson Feb 27 2014
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What's growing in my GHB? Worried Mar 16 2007
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It is March 2004, any news about the Lycaeum? vegan Mar 12 2004
Is it possible for LSD to have 5 times the effect on my friend as it does on me? Randy Cain Feb 10 2004
How frequently is the Erowid website updated? Spaghetti Kid Nov 19 2003
Does Mekong Whiskey contain Amphetamine? fishmonger Nov 16 2003
Do you have suggestions for how to take good photos for submitting to Erowid? Mike Jun 8 2003
What's happened to Psilocybe Fanaticus? Brian Apr 2 2003
Is the "Etymology of Erowid" page a joke? Neil Apr 1 2003
Where can one acquire the "Drug Identification Bible" and the "Ident-a-drug R... medaphor Nov 20 2002
Can synthetic mescaline be more potent than naturally produced mescaline? Anonymous Apr 29 2002
Can toothpaste and orange peels make you trip? Rufus Apr 28 2002
Can police dogs detect heroin or cocaine? eXem Apr 17 2002
Does smoking cannabis really support terrorism? Tom Feb 12 2002
Is there a list of well-known people who have taken entheogens? Schimmel Aug 9 2001
What has happened to the Lycaeum? entheogene Jun 12 2001
'Can you get high from smoking tea?' musskles Feb 20 2001
'Is a 2mg scale accurate enough?' Special J Jan 9 2001
Can you clarify some of the slang terms used for drugs? suede Sep 18 2000

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