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What has happened to the Lycaeum?
Q: Dear Erowid,

Do you know what has happened with the lycaeum, rhodium, and hive websites? I can't access any of these sites! Has the DEA closed the server?!

A: Updated July 9, 2001:

Many of the old hosted domains have started to find new homes:

If anyone knows of other hosted site moves, let us know


The Lycaeum (and its hosted sites, including rhyodium and the hive) are in a bit of limbo right now. Andy Edmond, the founder of the Lycaeum, has been hosting the site for the past few years. In April 2001, Andy announced that he would no longer be hosting the site. Also, earlier this year, JF who has been the director of the Lycaeum for about a year and a half, stepped down and Occupant took over as the new director. However, Occupant has also announced that he is no longer interested in being the director.

So for the past couple of months the Lycaeum has been looking for new host space as well as a new director to take over operation of the site.

We recently heard the a new director (with hosting space) may have been found. Theoretically the site is down as it transitions to the new location. Because we have so few details, it's unclear at this point what the new situation will be, whether the hosted sites will continue to be hosted or not, etc. Hopefully we'll all find out soon.



June 15, 2001

(from Occupant, former director of the Lycaeum who is overseeing the change over)

The Lycaeum lost its hosting sooner than was expected (obviously).
Gluckspilz, who was one of the original contributors to the Lycaeum, has offered
to host the hardware and, together with his merry band of
entheophiles, is going to give the site a much-needed infusion of life.
The hardware will be moved to the new link very soon, I don't know
when exactly but probably within a week.

Gods permitting, the old sites are still intact on shaman's hard drive
and will become available as soon as we get the link re-established
and DNS changes propagated (This might take another week(?),
there's some NSI paperwork for change of domain ownership that
needs to be processed). In a worse-case scenario, there is a recent
backup of Leda software and database that can be put to use (which
Erowid also has a copy of :-] ).

I am feeling very positive about the move and future prospects for the
Lycaeum... I think it is going to bloom into something that nobody
expected. (I look at it like this: if it wasn't supposed to be happening
this way, it wouldn't be happening this way :-) )


Asked By : entheogene
Answered By : fire, earth
Published Date : 6 / 12 / 2001
Last Edited Date : 2 / 23 / 2004
Question ID : 2742

Categories: [ General ]

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