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Answered QuestionsNameDate
What does a growing marijuana plant smell like? bam Feb 4 2011
What are these gold specks on my mushrooms? Lazarus May 11 2009
Do poppy seeds really contain active levels of opiates? Stone May 1 2006
Can Brugmansia roots be trimmed to reduce watering needs? Anonymous Mar 6 2003
Where on a Morning Glory plant do the seeds grow? Patrick Nov 7 2001
What conditions do coca plants need to survive and grow? Loc Jun 12 2001
How do I connect an ultrasonic humdifier a grow box? Jim Apr 24 2001
Is it possible to cultivate coca from seeds? baba-chewy Feb 17 2001
'How long can a Cannabis plant be kept alive?' yannEric Jan 21 2001
'Using perlite humidification does the size of the growing chamber matter?' Tylorian Sep 30 2000
How long will mushroom spore syringes remain viable? Doug Jun 24 1999
Are datura safe to grow around cats? lotuslily Jun 12 1999

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