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Durand VJ. 
“Diethylamide de l'acide lysergique et psychiatrie. Introduction generale. ”. 
Ann.méd.-psychol.. 1960;118(I):401-526.
This is the first French attempt at analysis of 500 publications on LSD. Durand believes it is possible to conclude that LSD is of interest in the following fields: Experimental psychopathology: Delysid acts "psychotomimetic", i.e. it produces a "model psychosis". It contributes to the better knowledge of the phenomena which occur in psychiatry daily. Neuropharmacology: LSD causes chemical and electrical changes in the CNS which provide new perceptions e.g. with regard to serotonin, reticular formation, etc. Pathogenesis of psychoses: chemical conception. Psychiatric diagnosis: LSD reveals obscure or discrete symptoms or renders manifest a possible latent psychosis by means of an "oneric analysis". Psychiatric therapy: LSD has a direct influence on neuroses and psychoses, but expecially it is an adjuvant of psychotherapy and acts also as psychic shock.
Notes # : 118/II, 1-2.
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