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Archived Images #
Artemisia absinthium (Wormwood) #
Full view of a 2 ft (60 cm) tall Artemisia absinthium plant. [Belgium]
Photo by F. Callebout. © 2006
Closeup of a single Artemisia absinthium leaf. [Belgium]
Photo by F. Callebout. © 2006
Artemisia absinthium top bud in May [Belgium]
Photo by F. Callebout. © 2009
Color photo of a mid-sized potted wormwood plant.
Photo by Murple, © 2000 Erowid.
Close-up color photo of a single branch.
Color photo of plant.
Color photo of flowering plant.
From PharmaCD.
Color photo of flowering branch.
From PharmaCD.
Small color photo of a bushy wormwood plant.
Photographer unknown.
Artemisia ludoviciana (Native Wormwood, Mountain Wormwood, White Sage) #
Photo showing a single Artemisia ludoviciana plant. [KS, USA]
Photo by M. Quetone. © 2006
Photo showing a number of densely packed Artemisia ludoviciana plants. [KS, USA]
Photo by M. Quetone. © 2006
Botanical Drawings #
Color drawing of plant, flower and seeds.
From Kohler's Medicinal Plants, © 1995-2003 Missouri Botanical Garden.
Color drawing of plant.
Artist unknown.
Color botanical drawing of wormwood plant.
Artist unknown.
Products #
An old 1 oz medicinal bottle of "Oil of Wormwood".
Photo by J. Krieg. © 2006
Molecules #
Still 3D image of the Thujone molecule.
Image by Erowid, © 2000 Erowid.
Rotating 3D image of the Thujone molecule.
Image by Erowid, © 2000 Erowid.
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