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Submit an Image
We are always looking to expand our collection of images of psychoactive plants and drugs, medicinal herbs, pharmaceuticals, and paraphernalia. If you have photographs, scans, or drawings you think we'd be interested in publishing, we'd love to have you submit them. Please do not use this form to submit images which you do not own and have simply copied from elsewhere on the net or in print.

Good image submissions should:
  • Be in focus
  • Be at least 72 dpi and 600 pixels tall or wide. Higher resolution (larger) is better. (Maximum of 50 MB per upload)
  • Be clearly identified in each description field
  • Have attention payed to background and layout. Try to avoid photographing in front of table clutter. Make sure the photo is well lit.
  • Also, see this Ask Erowid question about how to take good archive pictures
The more photos we already have of a particular item, the more likely we are to reject poor quality submissions. Because of the volume of submissions we receive it may take some time for us to get to yours. Only a portion of submitted images will be selected for publication on Erowid.

If the form does not work for you or if you have questions about image submissions, please contact

Step 1 : Select Image File
  Select the "Browse" button and choose the image you wish to upload from your local computer.
Step 2 : Enter Description
  Enter a description of the image. Include genus & species of plants whenever possible.
Example : "Amanita muscaria - Three large specimens growing beneath a pine tree in April."
Step 3 : Enter Location
  Enter the general location (Country or U.S. State) where the substance or plant was found.
Step 4: Enter Artist or Photographer's Name/Pseudonym
  Enter the name or pseudonym of the Artist or Photographer. This name will be displayed with the image. If you do not want any name displayed, leave the field blank and select "Anonymous".
Step 5 : Enter Credits Details
  Yes No Are you the photographer / creator of this image?
  Yes No Are you the legal copyright holder (owner) of this image?
  Yes No Would you like your email address displayed publicly with the photo?
Step 6 : Select Additional Images
  If you have additional images by the same photographer / artist, they can be uploaded at the same time. Select each image from your local directory and enter a brief description. Note: there is a limit of 50 MB per upload. If your images are large, it may be required to submit them in two separate sets.
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Step 7 : Enter Submitter Information
  Submitter's Name
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By submitting these images to Erowid you are granting permission for Erowid to use the image(s) on, in promotional or other literature, in both electronic & print publications, in other media formats (video, audio, etc), as well as granting permission for Erowid to approve or deny requests for use by third parties. Images used by Erowid will have joint copyrights owned by the photographer/artist and Erowid. Whenever images are used (and whenever practical), credit will be provided to the photographer or artist alongside an Erowid copyright notice. Exceptions can be made to this policy...please contact us if you have a specific request.

Please consider carefully before submitting these images. If selected for publication they will be publicly displayed.