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Entheogenic drugs, their plant sources and history
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Jonathan Ott
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The Natural Products Co.
hardback : 0961423420
paperback : 0961423439
Pharmacotheon is the most comprehensive multi-disciplinary book on the subject of shamanic inebrients and their active agents and artificial cousins. Featuring a bibliography of 2440 sources -- three times greater than any previous book -- Pharmacotheon is the reference book specialists have long needed, which has been written in an engaging style making it accessible to the layperson. Extensive personal experience with entheogenic drugs imbues Ott's treatment of the subject with insight, passion and energy. Two years of writing following twenty years of research into the ethnopharmacognosy of entheogenic drugs have distilled the quintessence of the subject for your enlightenment and delectation.

Every legislator and judge, federal and state, would do well to read Ott on drugs
-- R. Gordon Wasson
"The juxtaposition of the objective, scientific aspects with the purely subjective, experiential side of the drug problem constitutes the unique character of Pharmacotheon and endows this book with singular value. It could only have been written by a person like Jonathan Ott, who combines the multifaceted talents of the creative writer with the specialized knowledge of the scientist."
-- Albert Hofmann, author of LSD : My Problem Child, and Plants of the Gods

". . . a thing of beauty. Accurate information, complete information, and a pleasure to read as well. An excellent presentation of the current situation . . ."
-- Alexander Shulgin