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Classification Key for the Genus Datura
by Dr. Richard Sanders and
The following classification key will aid in identifying Datura species. It is based primarily upon the chart appearing on p. 111 of Engelstrompeten, which, itself, is based on the work of Hammer, Romeike, and Tittel (Kulturpflanze 31: 13-75, 1983). As you proceed through the key, you will be presented with a series of choices. Click on the option that best describes the plant in question, until you find a match. Where possible, we have included photos to aid in the identification process.

If you disagree with any of the taxonomic assignments we have made, please send us an email. Datura classification is complex and critical discussions helps to clarify it. We welcome your comments!

Dr. Richard Sanders, the Plant Sciences Director of the American Brugmansia and Datura Society (ABADS), is the original author of the classification key. maintains vaults of information about both Datura and Brugmansia and created the current version of the classification key in May, 2002. Several new photos were added and some revisions and additions were made to the existing photos and text.

Images from a variety of resources are used in this guide. The majority are photos taken by Dr. Richard Sanders of plants in his own garden, or photos taken by Erowid. Photos from the key are copyrighted and are the property of their photographer. Photos by Richard Sanders or Erowid, which are displayed directly on pages of the classification key, are available for non-commercial use as long as they retain full credit to the photographer. Larger resolution images, linked to from the key, require permission for use. For commercial use of images, special permission is also required.

© 2002 Dr. Sanders & Erowid