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Cannabis Images
by Erowid
Archived Images #
Hashish - Pieces #
A chunk of Lebanese Hash with its original cloth bag. Printed on the bag is the Palestinian Liberation Organization's (PLO) symbol, and untranslated arabic writing. The hash/bag came from Hezbollah supporters in Lebanon, and it is likely that it came directly from Hezbollah drug traffickers. Hezbollah is notorious for using the PLO flag/symbol as nostalgic anti-Israel propaganda. Text on front translates as "Abraham is the greatest" and the bottom text "freedom for the people". On the back of the bag is a pyramid with the exact weight of the hash inside printed under the pyramid. [Beirut, Lebanon]
Photo by Kisps. © 2010
Two large chunks of hashish weighing 17.5 g. [Italy]
Photo by Jasco 420. © 2008
Color scan of 50 grams of Moroccan hashish.
Image by Teo, © 2001
Color photo of a 200 gram bar of Hashish stamped with a "kristal n°1". (Brussels, Belgium)
Anonymous Photographer, © 2002
Color photo of 2 chunks of Hashish with rolling papers.
Photo by SEM, © 2000
Three 1 gram chunks of Hash.
Photographer unknown.
Smaller version of three 1 gram chunks of Hash.
Photographer unknown.
1.3 grams of Hashish broken into several pieces.
Photo by Erowid, © 2001
53 grams of Hashish (Oregon).
Photo by Mike Staletto, © 2002 Erowid.
Black and white photo of hashish in various stages of completion.
Photo from Psychedelics Encyclopedia, by Peter Stafford.
Small color photo showing a pyrex beaker containing hash oil.
U.S. government Public Domain photo.
Hashish - Full Bars / Bricks #
Beautiful color scan of 60 grams of Moroccan hashish with 1gr Manali charas.
Photo by Teo, © 2001
Two bricks of high quality hash, weighing a quarter pound. [MA, USA]
Photo by Feeder. © 2008
Nice color photo of a 1/4 kilogram bar of Moroccan hashish in Ireland
Photo by Carliņo, © 2001
Small color photo showing a large bar of hashish.
Anonymous photographer, © 2001
Color photo of a 9 oz bar of hashish (U.K., 2001).
Photo by Kom1, © 2001
Color photo of a 9 oz bar of hashish (U.K., 2001).
Photo by Kom1, © 2001
Color photo of a 9 oz bar of hashish (U.K., 2001).
Photo by Kom1, © 2001
Color photo of a 9 oz bar of hashish marked "New 2001" (U.K., 2001).
Photo by Kom1, © 2001
Color photo of a 9 oz bar of hashish (U.K., 2001).
Photo by Kom1, © 2001
Color photo of 2 kilograms of Moroccan hashish (Portugal, 2002).
Photo by A-Mitra-Sabe, © 2002
Hashish Ads #
Color drawing advertisement for Eden Hashish Center in Nepal.
Color drawing advertisement for Nepalese Hash Center.
Color photo collage showing the hash making process in action.
Kief #
Cannabis "kief" (dried resin) from a "Purple Grand Daddy" strain. [CA, USA]
Photo by Zspecfenix17. © 2009
Hashish Oil #
A small lump of cannabis hash oil. [MD, USA]
Photo by Straydog. © 2015
Submissions and Credits #
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