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Archived Images #
Acorus calamus (Calamus, Sweet Flag) #
Color photo of dried A. calamus root.
Photo by Renwick, © 2002
Color photo of dried, chopped A. calamus root.
Photo by Renwick, © 2002
Photo showing several pieces of A. calamus root. [KS, USA]
Photo by M. Quetone. © 2006
A young Acorus calamus plant [KS, USA]
Photo by M. Quetone. © 2006
Beautiful photo of a small A. calamus v europaeus plant including roots. [Australia]
Photo by T. Wiedemann, © 2005
Color photo a plant growing along the shore of a river.
From Magic and Medicine of Plants
Color photo of the fleshy flower.
Photographer Unknown.
Acorus calamus v. americanus #
Photo showing the root and shoots of Acorus calamus var. americanus.
Photo by Mindperformer. © 2006
Acorus gramineus #
Photo showing a temporarily uprooted Acorus gramineus 'Ogon' [Australia]
Photo by T. Wiedemann. © 2006
Botanical Drawings #
Color drawing of leafs and flowers.
From Magic and Medicine of Plants
Submissions and Credits #
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