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Notes from the May, 2000 Conference of the
California Association of Toxicologists

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8:30 am -- "Supplement Time Bombs: Analogs of GHB and Precursor Steroids"
Alfredo Quattrone, Food and Drug Staff Toxicologist, CA Dept of Health Services
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The first speaker was Alfredo Quattrone, PhD, from the Department of Health Services-- "the state version of the FDA, dealing with consumer product issues, food, medical devices, dietary supplements, tox review, acute toxins, etc".

A lot of their work comes from prop 65 "the safe drinking water & toxic substance enforcement act" which is responsible for all the labels in California that say things like "known to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects". He gave a little history of GHB use in the last 10 years and talked about their formal process of risk analysis for new products.

He said that they expected that a number of variations of GHB would be on the market soon, esters of 14b, and would be difficult to control under current law. He gave a list of URLs as good resources and a list of "disreputable sites" consisting of Lycaeum, Hyperreal, and DanceSafe. Emanuel had stepped out during the talk so I told him when he came back in, he spoke up, saying that he thought that it was inappropriate to include DanceSafe in the list of disreputable sites (he didn't defend the others) and Barry Fisher responded very nicely and supportively, saying that he had gotten the list from some news agency in Sacramento.

He went on to talk about anabolic steroids and it wasn't an area I was familiar with or particularly interested in so I stopped taking notes. Dr. Quattrone seemed to know his subject well and presented it clearly. He held my interest despite the morning brain fog that still lingered in my head.

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