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Erowid Conference Vault

Notes from the May, 2000 Conference of the
California Association of Toxicologists

by Earth Erowid

Huge thanks to
MAPS who sponsored my trip to this conference.


  7:45 -- Registration and Continental Breakfast
  8:15 -- Welcoming Remarks
Barry Fisher, Director L.A. Co. Sheriff's Dept Scientific Services Bureau
  8:30 -- Supplement Time Bombs: Analogs of GHB and Precursor Steroids
Alfredo J. Quattrone, Dept of Health Services
  9:00 -- The Responsibilities of the D.E.A. in Regards to Rave Parties
Michael Braun, Assistent Special Agent in-charge, DEA-Dept of Justice
  9:40 -- DXM Sold As Ecstasy - results of 1.5 years of lab testing
Emanuel Sferios, National Directory of Dance Safe

  9:45 -- Break

10:15 -- The Role of a Narcotic Detective in L.A. County
Anthony Shapiro, Detective, L.A. Co. Sheriff's Dept, Narcotics Bureau
11:00 -- Trendy Drugs of Abuse
Trinka Porrata, Retired LAPD Detective/Consultant

11:45 -- Lunch

  1:15 -- The Prosecution of Rave Parties & Drug Facilitated Rape
Karla Kerlin & John Ramseyer, Deputy District Attorneys of L.A. County
  2:00 -- Why All the Rave? Basic Pharmacology of Rave Drugs
Michael Robertson, Chief Toxicologist, San Diego Co. Medical Examiner

  3:00 -- Break

  3:30 -- Diagnosis and Medical Management of Overdoses of GHB and Related Drugs
Christine A. Haller, California Poison Control System, San Francisco
  4:30 -- An Analytical Approach to Rave Parties and a Case Example Involving Five Fatalities
Joseph Muto, Chief of Forensic Laboratories, L.A. Dept. of the Coroner
  5:00 -- Social Hour

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