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Drug Geek Factlet
One hundred years ago, the first recorded cases of nasal damage from insufflating cocaine were published in the medical literature. This was just a few years after it became popular to snort cocaine.
Latest Additions
This glimpse into the Stolaroff collection (currently in the process of being scanned for publication on Erowid) offers some fun insight into the early 1960s world of LSD, including concerns about Leary, dud LSD, and some great photos of Myron Stolaroff with Al Hubbard.
In the 1980s, Gracie and Zarkov's Notes from Underground were food for hungry heads. Cutting-edge information was hard to come by, and intrepid psychonauts G&Z explored their neural nets and reported back. Check out their new vault, with links to many of their writings.
New Dose, Effects and Chemistry pages have been added for this classic plant psychedelic. Peyote consistently figures among the top ten most frequently visited plant vaults on Erowid.
JPMorgan Chase Bank and Facebook teamed up to trick thousands of people into wasting their time on a rigged contest. After telling participants that the charities with the most votes would win $25,000 USD, they hid vote totals and simply selected the winners. We review the amount of our visitors' time we helped waste.
Crew Notes
Jon has been working to help edit The Shulgin Index, the Shulgin team's massive tome modeled on The Merck Index, and focused on phenethylamines. We're hoping that with Erowid's help in the final stages, the book might be ready for release this spring.
From the Vaults
Common misconceptions and critiques about Erowid are that the site is "missing important information", "contains errors", "is pro-drug", or "gives mixed messages". Helping visitors contextualize what they read on the site is an ongoing process.
More New Content
  1. Teatime: The Children of Prometheus
    The Teafaerie discusses the strong preferences that some people have for plant drugs and ponders what the difference really is between "natural" and "synthetic".
  2. 2C-D Effects
    A new effects page for this somewhat uncommon phenethylamine.
  3. Sasha Shulgin Photo
    Take a look at the last of the photos on this page. It's a great new photo of Sasha from about 45 years ago. Check out that beret :]
Ecstasy Data is a project of Erowid Center that conducts laboratory testing of street Ecstasy tablets and other drugs and publishes the results online.
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