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We have a new t-shirt design this month! The "EroLogo" shirt features the new Erowid logo as the 'o' in Erowid. The shirt is 100% organic cotton and is available in men's sizes small to XXL.
Drug Geek Factlet
Did you know that a 2006 report from the non-partisan Government Accountability Office found that the Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign (run by the Drug Czar's Office) cost more than 1.5 billion U.S. dollars over the last decade and has not only failed to reduce drug use among teens, but might have actually increased the number of teens who tried cannabis? (see below)
Latest Additions
After much work (and a sneak peek in the last Erowid Monthly), we have finalized the new Erowid logo. Over the coming months, the logo will be integrated into the site, our literature, and gifts. Read more about the logo's history and concept.
In June 2006, for Dr. Shulgin's 81st birthday, 32 friends contributed jokes, puns, riddles, and more to "Limericks and Dirty Pictures". Compiled by Jon Hanna, this booklet is now available online so that everyone can enjoy the same sort of corny yuks that Sasha appreciates.
The Johnny Appleseed of LSD, Al Hubbard, took an unknown IM dose of DMT in the office of a Dr. MacDonald in Vancouver, Canada in 1961. Comparing it to LSD and commenting on its potential therapeutic application, he experiences a powerful, positive effect from the drug.
U.S. Supreme Court sets new limits on when and how police can search the passenger compartments of vehicles. Searches following arrest must be to find evidence of the crime for which the suspect is being arrested or as a search for weapons that the suspect could reach.
Crew Notes
The crew has been hard at work on the next issue of Erowid Extracts, which goes off to the printer in May. Articles will include a look at the Stolaroff Collection of documents and an in-depth overview of the situation with "Spice" products being sold around the world.
More New Content
  1. GAO Report Finds ONDCP's Media Campaign Ineffective
    This 2006 United States Government Accountability Office report on the ONDCP's Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign analyzed a multi-year evaluation of the program's effectiveness.
  2. Syrian Rue Seed Dosage
    A new dose page describing Syrian rue (Peganum harmala) seed dosage, including details about their use as an MAOI and their use as a psychoactive by themselves.
  3. Kratom Basics
    An overview of kratom (Mitragyna speciosa), a South Asian plant known for having both stimulating and sedative effects. Chemicals in kratom activate the opioid receptors, and the plant has recently received attention for its use in alleviating opiate withdrawal symptoms.
Ecstasy Data is a project of Erowid Center that conducts laboratory testing of street Ecstasy tablets and publishes the results online.
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